Hi. I’m Kristoffer Thompson. As a Master Sales Coach, Life Coach and Speaker, I show business owners, network marketers, coaches and salespeople how to generate unlimited leads and attract more clients faster and easier without feeling pushy or cold calling.


I have helped thousands of people to INCREASE THEIR SALES results and have personally done over 10,000 one-on-one coaching sessions. I help anyone in commission sales and have become known as one of the industry’s premier sales scripting specialists. With my experience in working with network marketing leaders, financial advisors, insurance agents, loan officers, realtors and sales managers I have the knowledge and tools to help you take your enterprise to the next level.

I provide sales training in San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.


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CEO and Founder, Kristopher Thompson

I’m not one to brag, but in my career, I have had some pretty cool clients. I have trained salespeople in hundreds of companies such as:

Century 21

Mary Kay

Prepaid Legal


World Financial Group


McMillan Realty


Keller Williams… and many others

SO, now it can be your turn! Are you ready to start increasing sales? STOP BEING STUCK IN A RUT or spinning your wheels. Let me train you for success!

VIDEO: See Yourself the Way Your Competition Sees You

Testimonials -What Clients Say About Kris

Kris, I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend you as a highly trusted/highly valued opinion in all aspects of sales. The information you've shared with me so far, has not only been highly valuable, it has been delivered with a passion that inspires and motivates me!

As long as you continue to have this kind of an effect on my earnings Kris, I'm stuck to you like glue!!

Steven Lutman
avatarSince I started working with you, I have doubled my monthly bank deposits and last month, it tripled!

Woo hoo!

Thank you Kris

Julianne Koritz
This was not my first time working with a coach; off and on for the prior 10 years I found good coaches. Further, I myself have been a business coach.

However this was a particularly difficult time as I was in a drama loop at work, felt trapped, obligated, could see not way out and I was operating from financial scarcity. I was angry, frustrated and felt a victim to the situation.

What is unique about Kris, was his unwavering patience, his outstanding listening skills and ability to set up goals and habits to support me moving forward no matter what the emotional stuck state I was experiencing.

I know that my game plan for the year just would not have been done without Kris' coaching.

For those of you that like results.... from that experience, I left the drama filled, stress ridden job ( which took literally 6 people to do what I was doing) and have moved back home to Hawaii, working with another company and just got my second promotion.

I do credit the work I did with Kris as instrumental in my moving forward, I did the movement, he as a great coach held me in my excellence and supported me where I could go. That is unique as a coach, because I grilled him and it took longer than normal for me to get to a trust level because I could not afford to waste my money. His skills as a coach are excellent and I highly recommend him.

Kat Mierswa
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