Turn Bills Into Buyers With This Simple Sales Strategy - Here is a great sales strategy to turn your paid bills into buyers.  This is a great lead generation strategy to generate leads on an ongoing basis for you.  It is a strategy that is almost always overlooked in sales activities. Sales Strategy:  Your Paid Bills Are Prospects For You The people you spend money […]
Prospects Fess up: White Lies They Tell Sales Professionals All The Time - You’re a sales professional or have a product or service to sell in your business.  Are you proud to be a sales professional?  You were told growing up and even now that sales has a bad image even if you are a professional.  You were told your whole life sales professionals are dishonest liars that […]
A Shocking Thing 51% Of Receptionists Do To Kill Your Sales Performance - You may not be making the money your true sales performance has earned.  You could be doing so much more sales than you are and it’s not your fault.  That’s right your sales performance is likely better than your sales results show.  I’ve made thousands of phone calls into businesses and I’ve noticed a common […]
Increase Sales: The Internet Marketing Habit That’s Killing Your Business While You Sleep - You do internet marketing to increase sales.  There are several common mistakes you are probably making that will stop you from increasing sales with your internet marketing.  Here are a few of the most common costly mistakes I see. Why are you trying internet marketing when there are other faster ways to increase sales?  For […]
Increase Sales: How to Stay Motivated & Reach Your Sales Goal - You must stay motivated if you want increase sales?  You have a goal to make more sales. I showed you how to get off to a fast start increasing sales HERE.  Hopefully, you got off to a fast start.  Even if you did not get off to a fast start you can still make a […]
A Trick You Can Use To Increase Sales I Learned From A Movie - How can Willy Wonka help you increase sales?  In this article I will share with you what you can learn from the movie to increase sales.  You are always trying to grow your sales.  You have likely found that trying to increase your sales enough to reach your sales goal is not easy.  That’s a […]
A Trick Learned From “The Red Carpet” You Can Use To Increase Sales - Your lead generation systems are the most important systems to increase your sales.  One of the best lead generation ideas to increase sales is to work with VIP’s.  What is a VIP? VIP stands for “Very Influential Person”.  A VIP is someone who has a network or database of clients that would ideal prospects for […]
Increase Sales: Features & Benefits – What’s The Difference? - I’ve been studying ways to increase sales for nearly all my professional life.  I used to work for a major retail store.  That is where I got my first training on how to increase sales.  There was a video room where they stuck all the new sales staff.  I remember the video said “features tell, […]
How to Get Bigger Deals & Increase Sales - Some strategies to increase sales are basic and some are advanced.  This article is about an advanced strategy to increase your sales.  One of the best ways of increasing sales is to do more transactions.  Once you are doing more transactions you will come to a place in your career where you really don’t have […]
A Simple Strategy I learned From A Garden to Increase Sales - Everyone wants to increase sales and make more money.  You all have personal reasons why you want to increase your sales.  You may want to pay off debt or purchase a home or send a child to college.  Those are all great things to accomplish.  Most of you don’t think about those things every day.  […]