How to Use “Recycling” to Increase Sales

You probably never thought you would see “recycling” and “increase sales” in the same sentence.  Recycling or “going green” is usually talked about when we are trying to take care of the environment.  You recycle your bottles and cans.  You feel good that you do those things because you are doing your part to take care of our planet and each other.   What does recycling have to do with getting an increase in your sales?

“No” Does Not Mean “Never”

You contact prospects or leads to increase sales in your business every day.  Some of your prospects are interested right away and they purchase from you and that results in increasing sales in your business.  The rest of your prospects say “It’s not in the budget” – “We are happy with our current supplier” or possibly other objections to doing business with you right now.  What can you do with those leads after they say no that can help you close more sales?

“Recycle” Your Leads & Increase Sales

So your prospect said no to your offer.  It happens to everyone.  Things change in the mind over your prospect over time.  Customer service from your competition can drive them back to you.  The company could bring in a new decision maker that wants a solution to the problem you solve.  When a prospect says no make a note in your database to get back in touch with them and make the same offer to them every 90 days.

You can recycle your leads by making the same or a different offer to your leads every 90 days

This is how you “recycle” a lead and increase sales.  Sales failures don’t do this.  They almost never contact someone again after they hear a no and it’s a huge mistake. “Recycling” leads consistently will build your relationship with your prospect and it lets them know you are really serious about solving their problems.  This will help you increase sales and get more referrals

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