A Simple Strategy I learned From A Garden to Increase Sales

Everyone wants to increase sales and make more money.  You all have personal reasons why you want to increase your sales.  You may want to pay off debt or purchase a home or send a child to college.  Those are all great things to accomplish.  Most of you don’t think about those things every day.  Most of you have more short term motivation to increase sales. You want to avoid some type of pain or you just know you want “more:” Maybe you are concerned about keeping food on the table for your family or hitting your sales quota so you still have a job.

Increase Sales By Taking Your Life Seriously

 “Most people aren’t quite sure what they want from Life, however they’re pretty sure they don’t have it yet.” – unknown

What gets in the way of increasing sales in the long run is not being clear on what you REALLY want.  What do you want to have accomplished in your life when you retire or when you are reflecting on your life as an older person?   Are you on a path to have accomplished those things?  You MUST be clear on where you want to go or you won’t really get what you want and all the work you put into your life could be wasted.

Exactly How to Discover What You Want & Start To Create It

My friend Rock Thomas taught me there are 8 gardens of life.  They are the following in no particular order.

Intimate Relationships
Family and Friends

The next step is to GET OUT OF TOWN to avoid the distractions and noise of your daily life.  Go get a hotel or go to the woods or the beach or any inspiring place you enjoy for a day or a weekend.  I like to go to a place here locally by the beach.  It helps me think and allows me an environment to believe anything is possible.

Then go through each garden and ask:

“From a clean slate with no restrictions of my current circumstances IDEALLY what do I want in my life in this area?” then write it down.

Your answer might be…”I want to learn to fly an airplane” “I want to own 5 investment properties creating residual income” ” I want to weigh what I weighed on my wedding day” or “I want to reach my Ideal weight” “ I want to be a better spouse/parent” “I want to write a book” or “I want to make a movie”

These are called “gardens” because like a garden they all require watering and maintenance to have success…..or they will die or grow weeds.  On a regular basis we all HAVE to weed our garden.

Once you have the list of the things you want in each area you are ready to turn them into goals.  This helps you increase sales by focusing your energies on actions that will create what you want.  It helps you avoid distractions that seem like a smart idea short term but don’t create what you want in the long run.  Go get your calendar right now and schedule when you will take the time to get clear on what you want to accomplish in your life.  You only get one chance at your life so I urge you to take this seriously and not just increase sales but do so for the purpose of leaving behind a legacy you are proud of.

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