Increase Sales: Features & Benefits – What’s The Difference?

I’ve been studying ways to increase sales for nearly all my professional life.  I used to work for a major retail store.  That is where I got my first training on how to increase sales.  There was a video room where they stuck all the new sales staff.  I remember the video said “features tell, benefits sell”.   It’s very clever, but what does it mean?

What’s the Difference? 

Almost everyone trying to increase sales thinks they already are selling the benefits but most are not.   Most are too lazy to sell benefits even if they understand what benefits are.  This is very basic but you may only understand it in your mind.  You may still not understand it at a deep enough level to do it and be increasing sales in your business.

A feature is what something (the product/service) is.  Features have almost no emotional effect on your prospect.  The benefit is what it DOES.  The benefit will have huge emotional effect on your prospect.  It brings to mind a quote from Ben Feldman who was the worlds best life insurance sales person.  He said “Don’t sell your product. Sell what your product does.”  You have probably heard this before.  Zig Ziglar once asked why someone buys a drill?  They don’t buy it for the speed or battery life.  They buy it for the benefit or RESULT they get if they use it.  They buy a drill to make a hole.

For example:  Your ears are a feature.  Hearing is a benefit.  A seatbelt is a feature.  Surviving a car accident where you might otherwise be killed is a benefit.

Increase Sales by Selling The Benefit of the Benefit

Things only have the meaning that WE give them.  If you tell your prospect that your product has a lower price, or more megapixels or a new design you also have to tell them WHY it should matter to them.  What does that feature do for them?  You do this by making a list.  You list all the features of your product or service.  Then next to it you list what the feature does for your prospect.

If you are selling a house with a pool tell your prospect how they are going to love swimming with their family in the summer.  How it’s going to feel to relax on a beautiful sunny day with their spouse while sipping an ice tea and getting a tan.  How they can connect with all their family having summer barbecues.  How they can be the envy of their friends that can’t afford such a beautiful home.  How they should reward themselves for all their hard work and live the American dream.

If you haven’t already, make the list of features of your product.  Convert those into what they could mean for your prospect.  Paint a picture of how their life will be better.  Put these into every sales presentation you ever do and you will increase your sales.

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