A Shocking Thing 51% Of Receptionists Do To Kill Your Sales Performance

You may not be making the money your true sales performance has earned.  You could be doing so much more sales than you are and it’s not your fault.  That’s right your sales performance is likely better than your sales results show.  I’ve made thousands of phone calls into businesses and I’ve noticed a common problem.  Your company has a culprit that they think is helping the sales performances of the whole company.  They are wrong.  This individual is costing sales every day before they even get to you.

I used to work in the summers as a kid with my father.  One of my mentors Ben Gay taught me that the 2 most important people in a company that affect your sales performance are the person who answers the phone and the person who delivers your product or service.  This is because they are the ones that have the first contact with your prospect.  I saw this up close growing up.  My father would deliver the service and clients would see him and assume he was the owner of the company he worked for.  My father was the face of the organization in the mind of the client.  It was not the sales person.

Whoever Answers The Phone Is Costing You Sales

I’m talking about the receptionist (or whoever answers the phone in your company) in this case.  I’ve called thousands of companies and when I called the receptionist didn’t know if I was a customer or not.  I would ask for the person by name I wanted to speak with.  Here are the performance problems I commonly see that are costing you sales.

  • They are laughing when they answer the phone
  • They are talking to someone else at the same time
  • They give the impression that they don’t know if you even work there
  • They are in a rush to get your prospect off the phone
  • They talk so fast your prospect doesn’t know if they called the right company
  • They “talk down to” or make your prospect feel like they are an inconvenient interruption
  • They are eating or chewing gum
  • They don’t try to page or find you.  They just forward your prospect to your voicemail
  • They put your prospect on hold for a long period of time
  • They do not update a prospect on hold.  They just leave them on hold until they hang up

What To Do About This To Improve Your Sales Performance

Does this mean EVERY person who answers the phone is guilty of this unprofessional conduct?  No, I have dealt with a FEW very professional people answering the phone.  It’s pretty rare though.  I would say at least half of the companies I have called are making this mistake.  You have to fix this because your sales performance is suffering!  How do you fix it?

If I were you I would call your own company weekly and ask for you.  See how you are treated.  If you are not happy with what you see there is something else you can do.  You can attempt to influence the person answering the phone to treat your people better.  You can do nice things for them.  I used to bring the receptionist at a major company I worked with little things like a candy bar on a regular basis.  She was always happy to see me because I showed I appreciated her and I made her feel important.  Truthfully she was very good and was very important to my sales performance.  The bottom line is do something about this because you just can’t afford to lose any sales.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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