Prospects Fess up: White Lies They Tell Sales Professionals All The Time

Prospects Fess up: White Lies They Tell Sales Professionals All The Time

Prospects Fess up:  White Lies They Tell Sales Professionals All The Time


You’re a sales professional or have a product or service to sell in your business.  Are you proud to be a sales professional?  You were told growing up and even now that sales has a bad image even if you are a professional.  You were told your whole life sales professionals are dishonest liars that will say anything to get a sale.  Is that really true?  If you think that way you will never be successful in sales or grow your business.

Every Sales Professional MUST Be Proud Of Selling.

Here are 4 white lies prospects tell you to try to make you ashamed of selling.

  • White Lie:  Sales People are not like the rest of us.  They are “odd”.  Reality:  Literally EVERYONE sells.  Even if they don’t have a job as a sales professional employees have to sell their bosses every day to keep their jobs.  You have to sell your kids to behave properly.  Any interaction with yourself or other people is an opportunity for us to sell or influence others to do something.  People who “hate sales” don’t look at things that way, but everyone sells.  Even famous athletes or actors consistently endorse products or charities.  That is also sales.
  • White Lie:  Sales people are bad for everyoneReality:  Sales professionals keep the economy moving.  Everyone who has a job has that job because someone sold something.  Products are bought and sold and if they aren’t there is recession and everyone complains.  There are raw materials and jobs created in the making of products like cars or treadmills or anything else you can think of.  When sales are down, people get fired.  It’s as simple as that.
  • White Lie:  Sales people are only about money and say whatever you want to hear to get a saleReality:  Sales is professional problem solving.  The products and services you sell make a real difference in people’s lives.  You are solving tough problems that could not be practically solved any other way.  You will never hear a widow complain that her husband bought life insurance.   You and I know that we must satisfy our clients when they buy or they will just cancel their order or return the item.  Then they will tell 250 people in their network how you took advantage of them.  The truth is that the more you care about money the more you want happy clients.
  • White Lie:  Sales people take advantage of the weak.  Reality:  Nobody can know everything.  No matter how smart you are you can’t know everything about everything.  A good sales professional like you can help a prospect purchase the right product or service for them.  You save them hours or even months of research because you have done your homework.  If you are not working on your sales skills your prospect might not buy from you and instead buy from someone who would take advantage of them.  That gives us all a bad name.

Tell Everyone In Your Life What You Sell

You already know you should tell everyone what you sell.  Have you?  I have met a lot of people who call themselves a sales professional but don’t tell anyone but their closest friends what they do for a living.  You can’t afford to be ashamed of what you do.    People need your products and services and are always talking to others about who they know in your field.  I see it on social media all the time and I have done it myself.   Make sure they tell their friends to talk with you.

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