Turn Bills Into Buyers With This Simple Sales Strategy

Turn Bills Into Buyers With This Simple Sales Strategy


Turn Bills Into Buyers With This Simple Sales Strategy


Here is a great sales strategy to turn your paid bills into buyers.  This is a great lead generation strategy to generate leads on an ongoing basis for you.  It is a strategy that is almost always overlooked in sales activities.

Sales Strategy:  Your Paid Bills Are Prospects For You

The people you spend money with are a great lead generation source for you.  Everyone needs clothes, a place to live and food to eat.  They or someone they know will need what you sell.   If you have a favorite restaurant you must go in there and ask to speak to the owner.  Introduce yourself and let them know what you sell.  The first time you do this you don’t have to ask for referrals if you don’t want to.  I do ask for referrals when I do this.  From then on, whenever you go to the restaurant ask for the owner and say hello.  Remind them what you do and ask for referrals.  EVERY TIME you spend money with them ask for referrals.

Also if you can it is always a good idea to buy from them when you need what they sell.  Let them know you appreciate their business and you are willing to purchase from them.  You don’t have to always buy from your clients but it is a good sales strategy.

Information Is As Valuable As A Sale

There is a very important reason this sales strategy is so effective to generate leads for you.  People that you spend money with are always going to treat you nicely because they appreciate your business.  You will not be rejected in a rude way.

You don’t always have to get a sale from the people you spend money with.  You let them know that information is just as valuable.  They may have a customer or a friend who just had a life change happen and need what you sell.  If someone just had a baby and you sell real estate, vehicles or life insurance it will be a valuable lead generation sales strategy for you.

The people you buy from must be in your list of prospects.  Follow up with them on a regular basis.  Ask for referrals or purchase from them if it makes sense. If you are giving your money to them maybe they will give some to you as well.

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