How to Increase Sales When You Need Money Today!

Everyone needs to increase sales in this economy.  It is one of the most common questions my clients ask.  Everyone from the biggest corporations to the average business owner and salesperson wants to increase sales right now.  The problem is that the more you need the money from a sale the more difficult it seems to be to close the sale today.

Money Flows Where it is Attracted, Not Where it is Needed

It is easy to have the wrong sales mindset when you must increase income to pay your basic bills.  When you worry about running out of money,  you are not likely going to run out of money today.  It is this future “someday” such as not being able to pay your mortgage or car payment in 30 days.  How do you think carrying that stress with you on your next presentation is going to affect your chances of getting the sale?  It will probably have a bad effect on your chances of increasing sales and that will only make you feel worse.  So what can you do to turn this around today?

2 Questions to Quickly Increase Sales

There are 2 questions to answer when you feel this fear and anxiety….

1)      Is what I’m worried about going to happen today?  The answer is probably NO.  If the answer is “no” then let it go out of your mind.  Now that you have let it go you can think from a “clean slate” or fresh mindset!

2)      What do I need to focus on to create money?  Then focus on taking action on the answer.  It could be making 2 hours of phone calls a day.  It could be asking your network for referrals.  In fact, if you click HERE you can watch a free video explaining exactly how to get referrals from your network.

If you don’t have the money for your mortgage payment in 30 days you will deal with it at that time.  Right now I want ALL your energy focused on income generating activities.

Most of the things you worried about in the past never happened. Think about all that wasted energy…..

Focus on what you CAN do today, EVERY day and you will be fine.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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