5 Steps to Close Your Network Marketing Recruiting Guests

Your network marketing recruiting probably isn’t going as well as you would like.  You have guests show up at your weekly business opportunity meeting.  Then they either leave right after the meeting is over or they tell you they need to “think about it”.  Next you call them and leave them messages and they don’t return your calls.   You go through a lot of effort to get them to show up at your business opportunity meeting but how do you close your network marketing recruiting guests?

Network Marketing Recruiting:  Don’t Try to Get Them to Come For YOU!

One reason why your guests may not be becoming recruits is because they are not going to sign up for just for YOU.  If you are marketing to your network to get recruits by saying “come down and look at my new business and tell me what you think of it”, then you are trying to get them to come for YOU.  They will feel like you tried to trick them into listening to a sales presentation and that makes your friendship change because it breaks the rules of friendship.

Know What to Expect and Prepare in Advance

Turn your recruiting guests into new team members by having them show up at your meeting because they want the benefits of coming. Favors are great for things like watering your plants or checking your mail.   When it comes to business or money don’t try to get them to come to do you a “favor”.
Here are 5 steps to turn your guest into a new recruit.

  1. Find out what they want in life.  What is their pain?  What is the pleasure they are seeking?
  2. Share with them the benefits to them of coming to the meeting.  What will they get out of it?  How will the information help them solve their pain or find the pleasure they are seeking?
  3. Pick them up and take them to the meeting.   If you don’t feel safe picking them up then bring someone else with you you will feel safe around.
  4. Arrange in ADVANCE to sit down with them after the meeting.  You need to make sure you talk with them before they leave.
  5. Be prepared with answers for the most common objections they will use to avoid making a decision.  They will say “I need to talk with my spouse”, “ I don’t have the time”, etc.  You already know they will say these things so prepare in advance what you will say in response.

By doing this you are far more likely to turn guests into new network marketing recruits the night of the meeting.   You will also save yourself a lot of energy following up with them by getting a decision on the spot.

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