Quick Fix for Your Broken Sales Presentation

You just closed your sales presentation. You asked for the order and your prospect said “I need to think about it”.  You thought you did a great job!  You don’t understand it, your product or service is a perfect fit for your prospect.   Why didn’t they buy?  Is there something wrong with your sales presenting skills?  You may even start to wonder if you have what it takes to be successful in selling.

Did you tell your prospect success stories in your sales presentation?  Too many sales people don’t tell success stories and it costs them the sale.  The quickest way to fix a broken sales presentation is to tell good success stories.  Why is it important to use success stories in your sales presentation?

NOTHING Sells Like Success in Your Sales Presentation

NOTHING sells like success.  Success stories act like invisible selling because your prospect can see themselves in the position of the person in the story getting similar results.  It makes them want the same results as the person in the story.  It also causes them to believe it is possible they will get the results they want. It will make them want to get the solution you are offering.

Success Stories Prove You are NOT a Liar

Have you ever had someone tell you “you can trust me”?  Did you believe them?  Probably not!  Too many salespeople TELL how they can help their prospect.  Don’t let this be you!  The problem with telling your prospect you can help them is that the prospect does not believe you.  Why not?  They don’t believe you because you are selling them something.  Past experiences with bad salespeople have taught your prospect that salespeople lie.  Success stories help to PROVE to your prospect that you are telling the truth. At the very least, success stories take away their doubt enough for your prospect to give what you’re selling a try.

I urge you to take action on this fundamental idea!  Take some time right now to find success stories to put in your presentation.  At least block out some time in your calendar to put success stories to work for you in your next sales presentation.  In my next article HERE I will share with you how to write success stories that sell.  Until then put the success stories you have in your sales presentation and use them right away!

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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