Sales Presentation Tips: How to Use Stories to Close the Sale

In the last article on sales presentation tips HERE I talked about how to write success stories that sell.  I hope you have saved your sales presentation stories in your computer.  Now we will consider how to use success stories in your sales conversation to make your presentation more likely to close the sale.

Use Success Stories That Are Similar to Your Prospect

Use at least 2 or 3 success stories in every sales presentation you do.  There are no exceptions to this.  Use a success story similar to your prospect.  If they are a 60 year old man, try to have a story about a 60 year old man.  If they are a 24 year old woman, try to have a story of a similar person. This increases your chances of your prospect seeing themselves as successful as the person in the story. When your prospect sees themselves enjoying the benefits of your product or service, that leads to the prospect wanting to buy.    It is not always possible to have a success story similar to your prospect.  If you don’t have a story of someone similar, just use what stories you have.  Any success story is better than no success story in your presentation.

Where Should You Use Success Stories in Your Sales Presentation?

This is a great question.    Tell your prospect your success stories right before you start your close.  We will cover the sales process I’m talking about in another article.

What if You Don’t Have Any Success Stories?

What if you just started and don’t have any success stories?  That is fine.   You can borrow success stories.  Start with success stories your company has or your success story if you have had success.  Have you worked with people in the past to get results in the same area?  If so, go and ask them how you have helped them and you can turn those into stories.  If you go to my testimonial page on this blog you will see examples of this.

Sales is a profession you can make the same income that a doctor or an attorney can make.  You can even make that income without the student loans.  In order to make that income for your family you will have to treat your sales career with the same level of care that a doctor or an attorney would.  The only way you will accomplish this is if you take your career seriously.  Invest the time today to put these ideas into action.  If you do, you will help more people solve their problems and live the lifestyle you really want.

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