Sales Tips: The #1 Way to Increase Sales You’re Too “Chicken” to do

What does calling you a chicken have to do with sales tips?  Out of all the sales tips I can give you, this one would be #1.  I just already know in advance that 99% of you won’t do it or at least you won’t do it enough.  I’m talking about using public speaking to grow your business.  99% of people are scared of giving speeches to grow their business.  This is great news!  That’s why it’s my #1 selling tip.  It gives you a huge advantage over your competition for several reasons.

Sales Tips:  How to be Viewed as an Expert in Your Field

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to jump on a table and yell at people to increase sales using public speaking.  One tip I will give you is public speakers are viewed as experts.  When the organizer of the meeting says you are an expert, it transfers their authority to you in the mind of the group.  When you share information on your subject with the group they will view you as an expert on that subject.  People love to do business with experts.  In their mind, when you speak in front of a group, that makes you an expert in the subject you are talking about.  The public views public speakers as experts, even if you do not view yourself as an expert.

Your Audience Wants you to Succeed

Out of all the sales tips I give public speaking is the one just not used enough.  One reason is people who want to start to increase sales through public speaking are often afraid they will mess up in front of the group and get laughed at.  The truth is that your audience wants you to succeed.  They are there specifically to hear what you have to say and they want to get value from you.  It’s as if they are cheering you on. In fact, many of them will applaud when you are introduced.

Your Audience Won’t View you as a “Salesperson” Anymore

One of the best things about using public speaking to increase sales is individuals in the audience  will love to hear from you after you speak.  One of the best sales tips I can share with you is when you give a speech be sure to contact those that attended after the speech.  You will hear in their voice that they respect you and they are much more likely to set appointments with you, give you referrals or even purchase from you.  On the contrary, if you were to contact leads that have never heard you speak it is much harder to get them to listen to you because in their mind you are just a “salesperson”.

Your Competition Can’t Keep up With you

In the current economy you need any advantage over your competition you can get.  Giving speeches allows you to give a presentation in front of 10 to 100 people at once.  That allows you to get 10 to 100 presentations done in 1 hour.  Your competition cannot keep up with that only doing 1 on 1 presentations.  Giving speeches allows you to leverage the power of selling to many people at once.  Stop being a chicken and get out there and speak to groups on at least a monthly basis and you will definitely increase sales.

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Kris Thompson

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