5 Secrets to Get Past the Question “Is This Network Marketing?”

“Is this network marketing?” is the most common objection in network marketing.  Most network marketer distributors fear this question.  This fear is so powerful that many stop growing their businesses.  Most network marketing trainers will make you buy their program to learn how to handle this objection.  That’s not how I roll!  I’m going to give you 5 secrets right now to get past “Is this Network Marketing?”

Why does your prospect ask “Is this network marketing?”   Usually they ask because your prospect or a family member had a bad experience with a home based business opportunity in the past.  Usually, it was such a painful experience they never want to go through it again!  We will discuss how to handle this in a moment.

What if Your Business is not Traditional Network Marketing?

Even if you’re home based business opportunity is technically not a network marketing business, in the mind of your prospect it is.  Do you recruit people from your network and earn an override on their sales and marketing? Do you receive any kind of compensation on the effort of your recruits?  If so, in your prospects mind that is network marketing.  Don’t argue with your prospect or in their mind you will just confirm their suspicions.

What if They Say “Is this Network Marketing?”

No matter what, do not try to avoid the question.  Remember the old saying “Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing?”  If you avoid the question you will just confirm their suspicion that your home based business opportunity is a scam.  Don’t do what the Titanic did. Do not try to avoid the iceberg or your business will end up on the bottom of the ocean.  You must handle the question directly if you have any chance of continuing the conversation with your prospect.

  1. You could simply say “Yes it is. Do you know anything about network marketing?”  This starts a conversation where your prospect will tell you why they believe what they believe about home based business opportunities.  That gives you a chance to find out what they are really concerned about and solve that concern.
  2. You can say oh you have a story! (smile!) Please tell me what happened!   Your prospect will share why they believe they were not successful.  They usually will say it was the company or their up line or some other excuse even they don’t really believe.  They almost always admit somewhere their responsibility in the home based business opportunity not working out.  There are a lot of ways you can influence your prospect when they admit to themselves that they didn’t give their best to make the business successful. Be sure to really listen to their experience and share why that experience won’t happen again with you.  Be sure you follow through on what you tell your prospect when they come on board your team.  If you don’t follow through, they will just feel lied to again.
  3. The core concern of almost all your prospects deep down is the same.  They are afraid that they don’t have what it takes to be successful in any business at all.  Here is the next step to handle this concern.  If your prospect is married I would ask them Are you married to the first person you ever dated?  The answer is almost always no so I ask them why didn’t you just stop dating?  I listen to their answer.  Then I respond The average business owner is successful on their 4th business.  That means they fail 3 times before they are successful.  Never having another business because the first one didn’t work is ridiculous. Just like never dating again after your first date doesn’t work out is ridiculous.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Now you will have changed your prospect’s entire view of their bad experience.  You now have a chance to find out what they want and show them how you can help them get it.
  4. Here is another good answer to “is this network marketing?”  You ask themAre you familiar with how the real estate business works? They usually answer yes.  Then you say Good, you have the Broker and they have Agents under them and the Broker earns an override on the business of the agents, etc.  This business is like that.  Would you like me to share with you how it works?
  5. Here is an easy to remember response if you feel comfortable with it.  Your prospect is not going to expect you to say this.  YES!  Network marketing is the fastest, easiest way for the average person in America to create a residual income. Let me share with you why I’m so excited about my home based business opportunity!  This response is good if you are an enthusiastic person with a strong personality.  You cannot hesitate with this response.  You have to be certain and powerful.  It is not for every personality but for some it works like a charm. Your prospect is expecting you to try to avoid the question, not to enjoy it.

Be A Prepared Professional

Remember your prospect will never have taken the time to decide what they will say to you before you talk with them about your business.  They just react to what you say.  This is your chance to be prepared for how to handle this question and show that network marketers can be true professionals.  Share this information with your team to make a difference for them as well.

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