Sales Systems: Why 90% of You are Broke & What to do About it

Sales systems are the foundation of making money in your business.  Most of you do not have any specific sales systems set up for your business.  You just talk about what you are passionate about and that is not enough to get your prospects excited to talk to you.  Here are 3 sales systems every salesperson or entrepreneur must have to succeed in business long term. If you are missing even 1 of these systems, your business will suffer.  Here is an overview of these 3 important systems.

Sales System #1:  Your Lead Generation System

It amazes me how few business owners and salespeople have a lead generation system.  Your lead generation system is your strategy to get your prospects to raise their hands and want to talk to you.  Your lead generation system should be in writing.  For example:

  1. I will ask 5 people I know a day for referrals (I have a video on how to do this at the end of this article)
  2. I will go to 2 networking events a week, get 10 business cards.  Next I will set an appointment with them to see if we can help each other grow our businesses.
  3. I will give 2 speeches a month in groups that have my target market and I will offer them a free report in exchange for their contact information.

Of all 3 sales systems I will share with you in this article, lead generation is the most important.  Having a great lead generation system will always give you a steady stream of new leads and new business.  Getting very good at the next 2 systems is really important, but they won’t help you very much if you don’t have enough new leads.  Your lead generation system gives you control over your income.  It will also attract business partners that will want to work with you to add value to both of your clients.

Sales System #2:  Your Appointment Setting System

You must have an appointment setting system in your business.  You must be able to take someone who is interested and schedule an appointment with them.  Always share only the benefits to your prospect of just the appointment, not your product.  You need the appointment to find out what your prospect wants and show them how you can give them what they want.  You also need an appointment to build value for your product or service in your prospects mind so it will be okay to ask for them to buy from you if you can solve their problem.

Sales System #3:  Your Lead Conversion System

After you have found someone interested in talking with you, scheduled an appointment with them, and gotten to know what they want, now you must ask for the order.  A lot of people in sales call this step “The Close”.   If you feel you are not good at this step you are not alone.  Being good at asking for the order is a skill that anyone can learn.  In your “close” you must know exactly what you are going to say.  There is no room for “winging it”.  If you “wing it” you are going to be nervous going into the close and your prospect will lose confidence in buying from you.  If you don’t know what you will say in the close you may even drag out your presentation and take too long with the appointment and your prospect will have to leave before you even ask for them to buy.

This was an overview of these 3 sales systems.  I will be sharing more detailed information on each of these selling systems in the future.  If you want to get started on your lead generation system right now just click HERE to watch my video on the “Trojan Horse Technique”.

Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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