Can You Help Your Network Marketing Team Succeed if You Haven’t?

Do you have to be successful in network marketing to teach others how to be successful?   Network marketers tell me regularly they aren’t building their team because they feel they have to be successful first before teaching others to be successful.  Is that really true?  Do you have to be a network marketing success story before you can teach anyone else?  There are several reasons why you can help someone be successful in even if you are not successful yet.

The Most Successful Players Are Rarely Good Coaches

If you had to be successful first to be able to help others succeed then every good player in sports would be a great coach right?  It is VERY rare for successful players to be successful coaches in any sport.  For examples see Isaiah Thomas, Ted Williams and Wayne Gretzky’s coaching careers.  There are a lot of theories about why great players are rarely good coaches.  In my opinion, teaching others and motivating others to perform is a completely different skill compared to performing yourself.  At the very least, it is no guarantee that if you are successful in network marketing you can help others to be successful.

You can Only get so far on Your own

You can’t be successful in network marketing on your effort alone.  Having a team is a requirement to be successful.  You may just not have been in the business long enough to build a team to help you reach the success level you want.  That’s like asking a kindergartener to pass the bar exam to become an attorney.  One of the ingredients of success is time.  So why would you beat yourself up if you haven’t had enough time to be successful?

Network Marketing Systems are the Same for Everyone

You can teach others to be successful network marketers because much of the work is done for you.  Your company likely has a specific step-by-step marketing system to follow on how to be successful.  You can also get tips to be more successful on this blog.  You might feel you need to be successful first so you can have “credibility”.  You just don’t need to be successful to have credibility.  You can get credibility through other people’s success.  You have many success stories of people in your up-line that you can say you are learning from.  Network marketing success principles are not secret and they work for anyone who applies them.

Network Marketing May be Your “Calling”

The reason you may not have been successful to this point in life is because you were in the wrong career.  If you tried to be an attorney but you really love working with your hands you probably wouldn’t be successful.  If you have gone from job to job or you have had a few failed businesses all that proves is that you haven’t been successful yet.  The average business owner is successful on their 4th business.  Sometimes it just takes time to find your “calling”.  Nobody can be great at everything.

It’s all in Your Head

What is the REAL reason you say you must be successful before helping others?  It’s all in your head.  You may really be giving yourself an excuse to keep yourself safe.  If you try to build your business you might not succeed.  If you don’t give it your best effort you will always have an excuse (you will call it a reason) why you weren’t successful.  Nobody will believe that excuse and neither will you.  Stop focusing on what you will look like to other people or how you feel about yourself.  Focus only on serving other people.  Go help your team and yourself become successful.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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