Increase Sales: “White Lies” You Believe That Scare Away Sales

You must have the right mindset to increase sales in the “great recession” as this economy is being called.  When times are tough there are 2 common views.  One view stops you from increasing your sales.  The other view will help you increase sales on an ongoing basis.

Keep Out of Scar-City

The first view is fear, worry and panic.  This mindset is caused from a “scarcity” mindset.  Scarcity is a belief that there not enough of something.  If you take the work “scarcity” and you break it into 2 pieces, what do you get?  You get “scar-city”.  Who wants to live in “scar-city”?  Nobody, but if you choose a scarcity mindset you might as well build a home in “scar-city” because you have already lost and will NEVER increase sales.

A common belief I hear right now is “Nobody has any money” or “Nobody wants to buy”.  There was a time when “everyone” thought the earth was a dome, but that didn’t make the earth a dome.  The earth is a sphere and always has been.  Believing that nobody has any money or that nobody wants to buy is just like believing that the earth is a dome.  What you are doing is you are putting an imaginary obstacle in front of you so you can’t increase sales.

A belief is just a thought and a thought can be changed.  Whatever you choose to believe you are going to look for “evidence” to support that belief.  DC Cordova says “We create our reality with our thoughts”.  Would the belief that nobody has any money or nobody wants to buy help you increase anything?  Only your frustration would increase as you watch your sales slip away.

Increase Sales in an Abundant World

When times are tough there is a second mindset you can choose to have.  That mindset is opportunity.  There is opportunity all around you in this very moment.  We live in an abundant world.  In some countries people have to walk miles to the river or a well to go and fetch water for their families.  For most of you reading this article, you just turn the faucet on and you have water.  Not only that, but you have a choice of cold or hot water!

If you find yourself slipping into fear, doubt or worry take a step back.  Now take a deep breath and relax.  Remind yourself that we live in an abundant world.  Begin to look for all the opportunities around to you increase sales and make a list of them.  You will find opportunities if you are looking for them.  Then take action on those opportunities and you will attract more sales instead of scaring them away.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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