4 Secrets To Get Focused, Stay Focused & Increase Sales Today

How do you get focused, stay focused and increase sales?  Focusing on what activities are most important for increasing sales is harder than ever.  It is so easy to lose your focus because modern life and electronics are always there to distract us.    My mentors have taught me much about getting and keeping your focus.  I will share this information with you today to help you and your sales team increase sales.

Gary Blair taught me a great way to think of focus is the following….






Sales people that are the most focused on sales activities increase sales and maintain it.  The least focused sales people fail in business.  Time is your most valuable asset to increase sales.

Be Laser Focused on Sales Activities

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power.” – Tony Robbins.

You can take a flashlight and shine it into your eyes and it will be uncomfortable but it probably won’t permanently harm you.  You can take the same energy in that flashlight and when you focus it into a laser, the laser can cut through steel.

When you lose your focus it spreads out your energy over many activities.  If you spread your energies over many activities you will not accomplish much.  It’s the same thing when you want to increase sales.  You must focus on only the activities that DIRECTLY lead to sales during the hours of your business you can call prospects.  Once those activities are complete, you can shift your energy to other things.  Do your best to take care of activities that do not directly lead to increasing your sales only the last hour of the day or after business hours when you cannot call prospects.

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than any other talent.” – Isaac Newton

You never lose your focus on purpose, but to increase sales it will require a high level of concentration on your part.  When you lost your focus you lose all your power.  Once you get focused you must defend your focus any way you can.  It is so much easier to STAY focused than it is to GET focused.

How to Increase Sales by Improving Your Focus

“Focus is the tool of domination” – Gary Blair

Here are a few ideas to eliminate many distractions and increase your focus

  1. Block out sales focus time.  These are chunks of time each day (maybe from 10-12 and 2-4 pm) where you focus on sales activities.  Sales activities are generating leads, setting appointments, making prospecting calls, following up or delivering sales presentations.  Don’t talk to anyone that’s not a sales prospect.  Even tell your family and friends not to contact you during this time.  Lock your door or put a big “do not disturb” sign on your chair.   Do not schedule over blocked time. If you have a sales manager tell them about this and they will love the idea.
  2. Don’t be on the internet unless it is absolutely necessary to make a sale.  It is just too tempting for you to check the score of the game, news or facebook.  Don’t do research or find leads on the internet during your focus hours.  Do that after you can’t be contacting prospects.
  3. No text messaging.  Instead call them live.  You will get more done faster.  It will also force you to respect their time.  It is also easier for your prospect to ignore you if you don’t call them.  Also, it is easy to be misunderstood over messaging because they cannot hear your tone of voice. The only time you would text message is if you are unable to reach a prospect on the phone.
  4. Only check email a few times a day and disable email notification alerts.  You must not have conversations over email.  You must be on email as little as you can be without compromising service to your clients.  I check my email only 3 times per day.  Most of the emails you get can wait at least an hour or 2 before a response is necessary.  Block this time out in your calendar like you would an appointment with a client.  Do not schedule over blocked time.

I challenge you right now to take out some paper.  Write down what are the fewest activities you can do to increase sales the most.  This should be a short list of things you will focus on until they are completed.    This will be your plan for your sales day.  ONLY do what is on the list.  The only excuse for doing something other than what is on your list is a natural disaster or a medical emergency that requires a hospital visit. Do not forget, to increase sales you must follow one course until successful.

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