The Quickest & Easiest Strategy To Increase Sales Now

When you want to increase sales in your business where should you start?  If you are like most people, you start trying to increase sales by reinventing your business from nothing.  You may start by thinking about what you’re not currently doing to grow your business.  You may be trying to hit a home run by getting that 1 big client.  You could also think you just need to make more calls or work harder.  I like to increase your sales by starting with the baseline strategy.

Increase Sales Using The Baseline Strategy

The baseline strategy is a simple and systematic way of increasing your sales. Each of you has a baseline in terms of the sales you are producing on a monthly basis.  Let’s say one of the ways you measure results is sales or new clients. If you are averaging 5 sales per month, your baseline would be 5 new sales or clients.  The baseline is everything that you are currently doing to produce 5 sales.  The number of calls you make, your time management, your goal setting, your selling skills.  It is everything working together.

The baseline strategy is to keep doing what you have been doing to grow your business because it is producing a result.  Then add one new idea or one new strategy and you will be able to increase your results further.

Use Your Subconscious Mind

Part of the purpose of the subconscious mind is to answer whatever question you ask it.  Ask yourself right now, what is one thing you could add to your baseline to increase your sales in this economy?

Whatever answer you get, write it down.  It might be something that you used to do that worked, but for whatever reason you stopped doing it.  It might be something you know you should be doing but are not doing.  It might be public speaking to market your business.  Whatever the answer is, write it down and make a decision to add it to your baseline today.  For more ideas on what you can add to your baseline to increase sales in your business, click HERE and watch my free video.

Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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