How to Increase Sales Even When Your Product Isn’t Perfect

A quality product or service is really important if you want to increase sales.  What if there isn’t much difference between your competitions products and yours?  Or what if you are selling a commodity product like mortgages or products that your prospect hopes they never have to use, such as insurance?  How can you increase sales by selling quality in those cases?

Increase Sales by Giving Your Prospect A Quality Experience

Most of the time your competition will be selling a product that is about the same as yours and that is about the same price as yours.  If you have a quality product then the key to increase sales is the quality of YOUR performance.  Quality comes from love.  That’s why quality sales people are so rare and so celebrated.  Sales superstars love every detail of the sales process.  They lovingly improve the quality of everything they do every chance they get.  The focus of quality is to do things right the first time.  It’s about attention to details.  To increase your sales you have to look at the quality of the experience you give your prospects every day.

Starbucks is not known for having the best tasting coffee in the world.  The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz said that what made Starbucks successful was the quality coffee “experience” that their customers wanted.  When Starbucks got away from that, their sales suffered.

It’s Not Your Company, It’s YOU

It’s similar with you.  If increasing your sales is a priority for you then you must do more than just let your product or service do the work.  You must also hold yourself to a higher standard than your competition.  You must provide fantastic service.  You must bring more value to your prospect than anyone else in your field.  Quality is the beginning of greatness.  You cannot increase sales year after year without the desire to be the highest quality in all you do in your business.

You are 100% responsible for the sales results you produce

You will increase sales consistently when you make your prospect think of quality when they think of you.  Quality is the ultimate competitive advantage for you because your prospect won’t even consider sending their business to someone else when you keep exceeding your prospects expectations.

Our reputation is not built on what we are GOING to do.

Our reputation is not built on what we are GOING to do.   Have you delivered the highest quality experience to your prospects?  What can YOU personally do to improve the quality of your performance to your company and to your prospects?  Are you always on time or are you always late?  Do you practice your sales presentations or do you wing it?  Do you make all your follow up calls or do you leave the office early?  Do you call all your leads or do you decide in advance some of them are poor quality and not worth calling?  Look at all the ways you can improve your performance today and you will increase sales.  Remember, quality products and services along with quality performance on your part will give you the quality of life you really want.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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