The Lie Network Marketing Leaders Say That Can Kill Your Business

Have your network marketing leaders told you “it’s NOT selling, it’s sharing”, “Your friends and family would rather buy from you than give the money to some huge faceless corporation” or “This product is so good, it sells itself!”?   Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, then this mindset is costing you a lot of money.  Here is why.

Network Marketing Leaders Don’t Work For Free

I don’t care what ANYONE says.  You will not make ANY money in network marketing unless someone pays money to get a product or service from your company through you.

(dictionary definition) Sell:  to transfer (goods) to or render (services) for another in exchange for money.

(dictionary definition) Share:  to divide, apportion, or receive equally.

When “sharing” money isn’t involved.  Trading a service or product for money is called “sales”.   If you are a network marketer you ARE a salesperson.  If you have a downline, then you are a sales manager PERIOD.  The more you resist being in sales and the longer you fight it, the more money it will cost you.  The leadership dream of having a large network making you money marketing your business while you are on vacation in the French Riviera is only possible if you learn sales skills and train your team on how to sell.

Why Does Your Company Tell You It Is “Not Sales”?

It’s pretty simple.  Your leaders tell you that you’re not in sales, you’re just “sharing” because that is what they were told.  It’s not because they are purposely trying to mislead you.  There are several other reasons this lie is passed around.  One other reason is that people in general dislike selling because they don’t understand what it is.  They don’t understand that selling is professional problem solving.  It is service.  Your leadership is afraid that if they tell people this is a sales career they will scare potential recruits away from joining your business opportunity.

So I’m going to ask you to decide right now whether you will accept that you’re in sales or not.  If you accept it you can have a great career and help a lot of people.  If you do not accept it you might as well call your network marketing leader and quit right now because you will not EVER be successful long term until you learn to sell.  So what did you decide?  I hope you decided to do whatever it takes to be successful and help as many people as you can to be successful as well.

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Kristoffer Thompson

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4 comments on “The Lie Network Marketing Leaders Say That Can Kill Your Business
  1. yusufchowdhury says:

    I totally agree with you. I think the best thing to do is to remove this fear and educate ourselves how to sell. In general we all sell one way or the other. Subconsciously of course

    • Kris says:

      You are very correct Yusuf! We all influence people in our lives every day! In fact if we have a job we have to sell our boss to keep us around every day.

  2. It absolutely is selling. The people who buy the idea of this being about sharing end up giving the product away to friends and family at cost or less and never make a dime. They end up getting discouraged and quitting.

    • Kris says:

      You got it Wayne! Selling is misunderstood by most people. Selling = Service

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