How to Keep Your Network Marketing Team From Taking Over Your Life

You need your network marketing downline to be productive in order to hit your long term goals for your home based business.  You invested a lot of time recruiting them.  Now it seems like spend all your time trying to get them to do anything in the business.  Still others call you all the time asking questions and wanting you to do things for them.  You still have to invest time marketing to your own network or you won’t be successful in your business.  You know you can’t spend all your time with them or they will never learn for themselves.  How do you keep your downline from taking all of your time?

Teach Your Network Marketing Downline Sales & Training Skills

Help your team to set their goals and teach them how much activity they have to do on a daily basis to reach those goals.  Make sure they understand that when they go home from the business meeting that not everyone is going to be excited they joined network marketing.  Teach them how to get leads.  Make sure they have effective sales script they are comfortable with.  If they are not comfortable with the script they will not make their calls or they will just “wing” the calls without a script and won’t be very effective.  You must train your downline how to sell and also how to teach those sales skills to their own team or you will be stuck training their downline forever.

Don’t spend any more than 20-30% of your time training your downline.

Don’t spend any more than 20-30% of your time training your downline.  If you do spend more than that, you are putting too much of your future results on your team’s shoulders.  It’s not their responsibility to build your business.  They are only responsible for their own business.  Teach them to work hard by your example.  Get your downline to commit to taking specific daily actions in their business.  If they call you to ask questions just ask them if they took those actions yet today.  If they haven’t taken the actions they said they would; tell them to go take those actions first and then you will answer their questions.  You will only train people who will work hard and you will filter out the people that just want you to do everything for them.

Don’t invest 1 on 1 time with members of your downline that don’t take action once they understand what activities they must do to be successful.  They are communicating that they don’t care about their goals.  If some of your downline don’t care about their goals, then why should anyone else care about their goals?

Let Your Downline Know What to Expect From You

A lot of leaders in network marketing tell their downline that they will build their team for them.  Don’t build your downlines’ team for them!  It is not good for them to expect to get something for nothing.  Instead, tell your downline that you will work alongside them to train them.  You only owe your downline to be a good example for them and to give them an opportunity to be successful.  This means you can take your dowline on your appointments and teach them by having them watch you.  They need to build their own network marketing business and the earlier they learn to do that they better off they will be.

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