A Weird Way to Increase Sales I Learned From Dancing With The Stars

Objection handling is a necessary skill if you want to increase sales.  It is one of the most misunderstood and avoided skills for most sales people and business owners.  Becoming a master at objection handling will increase your sales month after month, year after year.  This article will help you increase sales by dramatically improving your mindset around objection handling.

It’s NOT About You.  It’s About Your Prospect

You may feel that handling objections is being pushy.  You don’t want to be a bother or to make someone feel like you’re trying to make them do something they don’t want to do.  I agree, if your prospect tells you they are not interested in what you are offering you should end the conversation.  I don’t believe in trying to overcome “I’m not interested”.   Most of the time when you are delivering a presentation they are interested something is just holding them back from moving forward with you.

Feeling that you’re bothering your prospect or being pushy might stop you from helping your prospect make a decision that will make their life better.  This feeling is all about you. It isn’t about helping your prospect.  The truth is that you are always communicating to your prospect.  What are you communicating when you don’t effectively handle your prospects objection?

When you DON’T handle your prospects objections you are communicating that you don’t believe in what you do

You are saying to them by your actions that you don’t believe in what you do.  If you don’t believe in what you do, then why should they purchase from you?  You have heard of a “win-win deal” right?  Well, when you don’t handle your prospects objections effectively you have created a “lose-lose-lose deal”.  How so?  Not handling objections doesn’t serve your prospect, it doesn’t serve your company and it doesn’t serve you.   It’s a complete waste of your time and energy to deliver a sales presentation to your prospect and NOT handle their objections.  You are enabling them to continue to stay stuck suffering from the problem that you can solve for them.

Increase Sales by Beautifully Dancing With Your Prospect

Objection handling is a form of negotiation.

Negotiation (definition): mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement

Your prospect wants what you have or they would just tell you they aren’t interested.  Your prospect is interested, you just have to negotiate the terms of the sale.  Objection handling is not you against your prospect.  It is the two of you dancing together to help your prospect solve their problem.  When two dancers are in harmony it is a beautiful sight.  It is the same way with objection handling.  When you handle them skillfully you will increase sales and you will be happy you solved your prospects problem. In addition, your prospect will be happy to get the solution to the problem they came to you with.

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