Increase Sales: The Most Common Objection Handling Mistake You’re Probably Making Right Now & What to Do About It

Objection handling mistakes will get in the way whenever you want to increase sales.  Would you like to know what the most common objection handling mistake is?  Would you like to get rid of it FOREVER!?  Of course you would!

Prediction is a form of power.  Whenever you can accurately predict what someone is going to say, you have the power in that relationship to create whatever you want.  Many of your prospects bring up objections out of habit.  They may want to feel in control.  Sometimes they do it because they think it will get them a “good deal”.  Your prospect doesn’t plan in advance the objection they are going to give you when you ask for them to purchase.  They tell you what they always say every time someone asks them to buy something.  They just say what worked to delay the last amateur sales person they spoke with.

The Most Common Objection Handling Mistake

The most common objection handling mistake that stops most of you from an opportunity to increase your sales is you don’t have your responses to the most common objections in writing.

The most common objection handling mistake is you don’t have your responses to the most common objections in writing

To increase sales you must create your objection handling script book.  Here is how you get started.  You purchase a binder or create a file in your computer called “objections”.   There are typically 7-12 common objections in any industry.  Here are a few of the most common.

  1. I need to think about it
  2. I don’t have the money
  3. I need to talk it over with someone
  4. Can you send me some information?
  5. I don’t have the time
  6. Your price is too high
  7. I am already working with someone
  8. We already tried it and it didn’t work

Increase Sales by Having Many Good Responses for Each Objection

Make sure your objection handling script book has a separate page for each of the common objections in your industry.  This is where you will put all your best responses for each objection.  Your goal is to have 10 responses for each objection. Get prepared to handle each of these objections it will increase sales and your confidence when you give a presentation.

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