How to Increase Sales After A Bad Day

A key to increase sales is to learn how to handle a bad sales day.  Everyone has bad sales days.  You cannot avoid bad sales days but you can increase sales fast by handling bad sales days the best way possible.  If you had a bad day because you didn’t do a good job, the best thing to do is to go into tomorrow with a plan and a commitment to do a better job.  Here are some great ways to increase your sales after a bad day.

What Happened & Why Did it Happen?

Take the time to review what happened on your bad sales day and why it happened.  You want to do this every sales day.  You should review every sale you made and every sale that you lost.  Everyone loses sales. You must avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.  Reviewing your sales day will help you avoid repeating your mistakes.

Go over every contact you made that day and ask yourself why they didn’t or did buy from you.  Don’t make excuses or rationalize that you did a great job and there was something wrong with the contact or you will never learn anything.  You can’t increase your income if you are making excuses for your mistakes.

Increase Sales by Learning From Your Mistakes

If you can’t think of a mistake you made, don’t stop there.  It is very smart to pick up the phone and call your prospect.  Ask them why they didn’t buy.  Tell them you are learning the business and want to learn from your mistakes.  People usually love to help if you just ask.  You might discover you didn’t explain the benefits well enough.  You might discover that your prospect didn’t understand your offer.   You need to know why your prospect did not buy so you know can see any patterns that are costing you sales and you can make adjustments.

Ask yourself every day “If I could do today over again, what would I do differently?”

Increasing sales by reviewing your day is not a new idea.   The most successful people in history have always done it.  Yet so very few do it today.  Ask yourself every day “If I could do today over again, what would I do differently?”  It does not take much time and it will make a huge difference in helping you increase sales.

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