How “Chasing Chickens” Can Help You Succeed at Network Marketing

There is one very common mistake I see made in network marketing almost every day.  I’m sure you see it in your company.  Lots and lots of network marketers are passionate people.  I think this is a very good thing because it brings spice to life and makes business fun.  This causes a lot of network marketers to be working more than 1 home based business at a time.  I routinely see people in 3 or 4 network marketing companies at once and they aren’t succeeding at any of them.

Father Knows Best

My dad doesn’t know a thing about network marketing or home based business but he is a very wise man.  He was raised on a farm.  I remember one day I was talking with him about how so many network marketers have several home based businesses they are excited about but they aren’t succeeding in any of them.  He asked me a great question.

“Have you ever tried chasing 2 chickens at the same time?” – My Dad

He went on to explain that chasing 2 chickens at the same time just doesn’t work.  They are very quick and you will wear yourself out running in circles.  It is very difficult to chase and catch just 1 chicken, it is virtually impossible to catch 2 chickens the same time.

You either know a business owner that is doing this or you are doing this yourself.  You are on your 5th, 6th or 11th home based business or network marketing opportunity.  You have killed your chance to market to your network for leads because you keep going to them about a different business all the time. Your network is totally confused about what the heck it is that you even do at this point.

When The Going Gets Tough In Your Network Marketing or Home Based Business Opportunity, What Do You Do About It?

You can’t jump from one business opportunity to the other or try to do several at once and be successful.  Every business requires time, attention and focus.  You will spread yourself too thin and have too many plates spinning. In your mind, you may try to justify it by thinking that you have business partners to help you so you are leveraging your time.  That’s just because you don’t want to give up something you’re excited about.  I understand that.  Would you rather succeed at one business or fail at 3?  You can resist this concept as much as you want but in the end you will find it to be true.  You will just waste a lot of energy failing over and over again trying to prove it wrong.

If you jump from one home based business to the other every time it gets hard you are NEVER going to get anywhere.   If you’re thinking the next opportunity will be easier than the last one you are just fooling yourself. 

Every time you start a new business you are starting over.  It is very unlikely you will get to take the momentum you had in your other business and apply it to the new one.  Stick with one home based business opportunity at a time.  Once you make it successful you can move on to another if you want.

If you want chicken for dinner you must chase the chicken you want until you catch it.

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Kristoffer Thompson

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