How to Increase Sales Without Looking Like A Lying “Salesperson”

To increase sales in these times that change so fast we have to be better than we were yesterday.  There are a lot of bad salespeople that have given anyone selling just about anything a bad reputation with the general public.  You may even feel that most salespeople are pushy, only care about their commission and will lie to get the sale.  Many salespeople out there try to increase sales through aggressive and pushy techniques.  Is there a way to go about increasing your sales without using techniques that could ruin your reputation?  Yes

The Road to Increased Sales is Paved With Good Intentions

Your prospect has an excellent lie detector to spot anything less than completely sincere salespeople.  Your prospect can sense how you REALLY feel about them and what your intentions are.  86% of all communication is non-verbal.  That means that you say a lot more with your body language, tone of voice and facial expression than the words you speak.  We are always communicating to others with everything we do (or don’t do).  The solution isn’t WHAT you do to create increased sales results; it’s WHY you do it.

You must TRULY believe your prospect MUST have your product or they will sense it and you will probably lose the sale.  It can’t be about your commission and meeting quota in your presentation if you want to get the sale.  You can cultivate the belief that your prospect must have your product even if it means they would have to get a 2nd job to afford it.  How?

  • Read and really think about testimonials of satisfied clients of your company
  • Imagine running into your ideal client a year from now.  Take a few minutes and write down what they would say.  Visualize the difference you will make in their life.
  • Really imagine the pain that your prospect is going through because of this difficult problem that you can solve.
  • You must TRULY care about making your clients life better.

Increase Sales Through Sincerity

What are you thinking about when you go through the close portion of your presentation?  What about when you handle objections and when you follow up?  Are you thinking about why you need the sale?  Don’t try to close, handle objections and follow up with your prospect because of what you want to get from them.  Do those things because you’re committed to making the sale to benefit your prospect.  They will sense your sincerity and be more likely to buy.  It will increase sales for your business because you have a great reputation.   It will improve the reputation of all of us who sell every day.  You will get more referrals and your clients will buy more from you.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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