Increase Sales: Is Your Prospect Really Who You Think They Are?

A secret of top producers to increase sales is to view your prospect for who they really are.  You or some in your company may have a negative view of the prospects you are trying to help with your products or services.  I’ve even seen some salespeople come up with mean names for prospects.  Why could you find yourself calling prospects mean names?

Why You Might Think Badly Of Your Prospect

Your time is valuable and you are probably reading this article because you want to increase sales for your business.  You may talk to a lot of prospects that seem to just want to waste your valuable time.  They may not seem serious about buying your product.  Maybe they are “just looking” or they ask a bunch of questions that don’t make sense to you.  Maybe they seem interested but when you follow up with them you feel like they don’t respect you enough to return your phone call.  This attitude will get in the way of increasing sales in your business.

Increase Sales By Seeing Your Prospect For Who They REALLY Are

What attitude toward your prospects will help you increase your sales?  Understand who your prospect really is.  They are just like you.  They are a human being with feelings and needs just like you are.  Most of them work very hard for their money.  If they purchase from you they feel they won’t have that money for something else they would like to have.  Also salespeople don’t have a very good reputation.  So that means your prospect is scared or defensive when they talk with you at first.  They think you are trying to take advantage of them because that is what all the bad salespeople do.  They think they know they are not going to get what they want and it’s going to be a bad experience.  They are afraid you are going to try to force them to buy something they will regret later and they will feel dumb.  They do not know they can trust you yet.

So your prospect thinks you are trying to get something from them and rip them off.  You feel they are going to waste your time or lie to you.  There are bad salespeople and there are prospects that waste your time and lie to you.   I’m not denying they exist.  You can’t increase sales if both you and your prospect have bad feelings for each other.  So what do you do about it?

You think the best of your prospect.  They aren’t bad people trying to waste your time and lie to you.  They are human beings who work hard for their money and are really interested in buying your product or service to solve their problem.  Tell yourself that before you speak to every prospect. That HAS to be your mindset if you want to increase sales and have a satisfying business with clients that keep coming back to you.

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Kristoffer Thompson

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