Increase Sales: A Common Costly Mistake Top Producers Never Make

One way to increase sales in your business is to get more “good sales”.  What is a good sale?  When you want to increase sales ANY sale is a “good sale” right?   When you get a sale you are pretty excited because you got what you wanted and that’s good, it’s just not good enough.

Prospects buy for a lot of reasons.  Sometimes they even HAVE to buy.  Why? Because they have to have an air conditioner in 100 degree weather and they have a newborn baby for example.  The point is that just because someone buys your product that does not make it a good sale.  The purpose of making a sale is not just to have your prospect buy.

Don’t Settle For Just The Sale

Virtually anyone can get a sale once in a while by being in the right place at the right time.  In fact, you may have had it happen to you.  You get the sale but then you have to go out and get another one.  You may have to cold call or knock on doors.  Either way you have to do things you don’t want to do and get a lot of rejection before you make your next easy sale.  That’s fine to do some of this in the beginning of your career but if you want to increase sales in the long run you will need to do more than just get a sale when you meet a prospect.

Increase Sales By Improving The Buying “Experience”

Most average sales people are just happy to get a sale because that commission is all they are thinking about the whole time.    Top producers think differently than everyone else.  If you want to be a top producer you don’t just want to increase your sales for today.  What you really want is to keep increasing sales in the long run.  Top producers get lots of good sales.  What is a good sale?

A “good sale” is…

  • A sale where the prospect gets what they came to you for.
  • It’s a great experience for your prospect.
  • They view you as their solution for LIFE in what you do.
  • They become a raving fan for you and are so happy they tell their friends, co-workers and family about you.
  • They bring you referrals without you even asking (You still ask anyway).
  • They become a raving fan for you and your business.
  • They will come back to you and buy again.

Take some time right now and brainstorm what you can do better to make the buying EXPERIENCE better for your prospects.  Ask your clients.  Find out what the top people in your industry and even other industries are doing.  Do what they do to make the buying experience better.  Hold yourself to a higher standard of performance and increase sales in the long run.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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