How to Increase Sales Like A Las Vegas Casino

How do you increase sales like a Vegas Casino?  When you go to Las Vegas or to any casino you know you are probably going to lose money.  It’s been said the only way to win at gambling is to quit after your first victory.  Why?  Because the odds of success favor the Casino.  The odds are against the player.  To increase sales you must put the odds in your favor.  How do you do that?

Increase Sales By Watering Your Grass

A lot of people switch slot machines to try to find a hot one.  They think it will increase their odds but it won’t.  You may even have done this in your sales career.  You might have switched locations or sales jobs because you thought the location or the pay plan was better. Most sales jobs or business opportunities are about the same as far as pay plans, leads and pricing etc.  What will help you with increasing sales will be HOW you work, not WHERE you work.  So don’t always be complaining about how you can’t make more sales because of someone or something else.  Don’t keep looking for the hot slot machine.

Create Your Own Leads

Don’t gamble with your chances to make more sales.  You may get leads from your company and that’s great if you do.  Don’t just sit there and wait for them to give you leads.  Instead create opportunities for yourself.   It does not specifically matter what you do to create your own opportunities to increase sales.  There are lots of tips on this blog.  You can even watch a FREE video HERE.  You pick what fits your style, personality and what you like the most.  The tactics to create sales opportunities don’t have to be done perfectly to work.  What does matter is that you do them and you do them daily.  Otherwise you sit there hoping for the “luck of the draw”.  Don’t gamble with your income and the future of your family.  Increase sales by taking control of your destiny and turning the tables on the system, putting the odds in your favor.

Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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