Increase Sales: Why Sales “Slip Through The Cracks” & What To Do About It

To increase sales you can’t afford to let anything slip through the cracks, especially your prospects.  You may be a top producer or some one brand new and eager to increase sales.  It makes no difference how successful you are.  You cannot afford to give any prospect less than your best service and best effort to solve their problem. If you are having a bad day you can’t allow it to affect any of your prospects.  Why?

Increase Sales By Treating Your Prospect Better Than Your Boss

To increase your sales you must be a true professional.  Your prospects turn into clients and they allow you to feed your family and send your kids to college.  You are a professional and even if your prospect rubs you the wrong way you must treat them like they are your boss because THEY ARE.  Sales is a business and you must put your personal feelings aside even if a prospect is rude to you.  You must respect that your prospect is the boss if you want to increase your business.  Never discuss politics, religion or sports unless you 100% sure you and your prospect are in total agreement.  It is very easy to turn off a prospect discussing those subjects.  EVERY single prospect counts!

Avoid Politics, Religion & Sports!  Especially On Social Media

One of my mentors taught me that the average person knows 250 people and they know 25 people just like them.  In fact a lot of people know a lot more people than 250.  Let us say you meet 25 people a week and 3 of them are unhappy with how you treated them.   At the end of the year there are 150 people who are unhappy with you.  Each of those 150 people know 250 people who they will tell NOT to buy from YOU.  With Twitter and Facebook the word about your poor service instantly gets out to thousands of people.  All those thousands of people have 1 thing in common that matters to you.  They ALL know NOT to buy from YOU.   Increasing sales is very hard that way.

The average person knows 250 people and they know 25 people just like them.

Your prospects talk with other people when they have a need to buy something.  It’s a normal part of life.  They post on Twitter and Facebook to get advice from their network about who is a good real estate agent or plumber, etc.  I have done it myself and you have probably done it yourself as well.  Also, don’t post political, religious or sports topics on your Twitter or Facebook.  It WILL cost you sales.

To increase sales long term you must get business from people you have contact with or you will always have to cold call. You must have prospects who like you to tell the 250 people in their network good things about you.  You are a true professional and you must act as a true professional every hour you are in your business.

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