To Increase Sales Do You Really Have to “Sell Yourself”?

I hear a lot of statements when I am helping people like you increase sales.  I hear that you must “sell yourself” if you want to increase sales.  I hear that the key to increase your sales is to get them to “buy you”.  Is it true that people buy you or is there more to increasing sales than that?

They Like You But Does That Mean They Will Buy?

When I first started my sales career I was good at talking and I was good at getting people to like me.  You are probably like me in that you genuinely like people and enjoy trying to help them.  I was really good at getting people to like me.  There was a problem though.  They wanted to have me over for dinner but they didn’t buy from me.  My first sales manager told me that my job was to make sales, not to make friends.  He was right that I was good at building rapport but something was missing.  Maybe you have had the same experience where you felt like you got along extremely well with your prospect but they didn’t end up buying from you.  You might have been like me and felt upset or maybe even a little betrayed.  You knew there must have been a problem but what was it?

People buy from those they know, like and trust

It is true you must have rapport with your prospect.  People buy from people that they feel they know, like and trust.  I will repeat that.  People buy from people that they feel they know, like and trust.

Increase Sales By Selling The Benefits

So if your prospect doesn’t “buy you” then what do they buy?  They buy BENEFITS.  Your prospect doesn’t buy you, they buy BENEFITS.  What does that mean?  It means that if you want to increase sales you must get your prospect clear on the benefits they get when they buy your product or service.  Don’t sell your product; sell what your product DOES!  When I first started I lost sales because my competition was better than me at getting the prospect clear on the benefits of working with them.  I thought I just needed to get them to like me.   I don’t want this to happen to you.  I want you to learn from my mistakes.

Your prospect doesn’t “buy you”;  they buy BENEFITS

Your prospect does not “buy you”.  You are not “selling yourself”.  What you are really doing is getting your prospect clear on the benefits they will get when they buy from you.  This skill will give you an edge over your competition on every sales conversation you ever have.

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