One Simple Way to Increase Sales 99% of Your Competition Won’t Do

The longer I have been in sales the more weird little ways I have learned to increase sales.  Most of them don’t take much more effort than you are already doing to increase your sales.  This idea is a very simple one and you can start doing it right away.

Increase Sales by Recording Your Sales Presentation

Whether you sell over the phone, in person or through public speaking you can record your sales presentation.  There are several great reasons to record your sales presentation.  One reason is that it helps you find out where you “lost them” if you don’t get a sale from that prospect.  You could be making the same mistake over and over again in your sales presentation.  That mistake could cost you increasing sales.  If you record you delivering your presentation you may find a consistent place in your presentation where you are losing the sale.

Recording your sales presentation is also great if you are going to write a book.  If you are an expert on what you sell you can give these recordings to a ghost writer and use them to write a book.  Of course, if you deal with a lot of confidential information from your prospects you will not use their information for your book without their permission.

Before you write a book you can use the recordings of your sales presentation to create audios or videos for marketing.  You can use the recordings to drive traffic to your website or to have your prospect contact you for more information.  This will increase sales by bringing in more leads into your business.  For more tips to generate leads for your business click HERE to watch your FREE video the “Instant Sales Master Blueprint”

You Can Be There Whenever They Need You

Another great reason to record your sales presentation is that it can be a great value you add to your clients.  If are training clients, they won’t be able to remember everything you spoke with them about.  If you record your call or appointment with them they can listen to it as many times as they need to.  Recording your sales presentation will help you increase sales today and every day for the rest of your career.

Kristoffer Thompson

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Sales Presentation Tips: How to Use Stories to Close the Sale

In the last article on sales presentation tips HERE I talked about how to write success stories that sell.  I hope you have saved your sales presentation stories in your computer.  Now we will consider how to use success stories in your sales conversation to make your presentation more likely to close the sale.

Use Success Stories That Are Similar to Your Prospect

Use at least 2 or 3 success stories in every sales presentation you do.  There are no exceptions to this.  Use a success story similar to your prospect.  If they are a 60 year old man, try to have a story about a 60 year old man.  If they are a 24 year old woman, try to have a story of a similar person. This increases your chances of your prospect seeing themselves as successful as the person in the story. When your prospect sees themselves enjoying the benefits of your product or service, that leads to the prospect wanting to buy.    It is not always possible to have a success story similar to your prospect.  If you don’t have a story of someone similar, just use what stories you have.  Any success story is better than no success story in your presentation.

Where Should You Use Success Stories in Your Sales Presentation?

This is a great question.    Tell your prospect your success stories right before you start your close.  We will cover the sales process I’m talking about in another article.

What if You Don’t Have Any Success Stories?

What if you just started and don’t have any success stories?  That is fine.   You can borrow success stories.  Start with success stories your company has or your success story if you have had success.  Have you worked with people in the past to get results in the same area?  If so, go and ask them how you have helped them and you can turn those into stories.  If you go to my testimonial page on this blog you will see examples of this.

Sales is a profession you can make the same income that a doctor or an attorney can make.  You can even make that income without the student loans.  In order to make that income for your family you will have to treat your sales career with the same level of care that a doctor or an attorney would.  The only way you will accomplish this is if you take your career seriously.  Invest the time today to put these ideas into action.  If you do, you will help more people solve their problems and live the lifestyle you really want.

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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Sales Presentation Tips: How to Write Success Stories That Sell

In the last article on sales presentation success stories HERE I spoke about why you should use success stories in every sales conversation.  Today I’m going to share with you how to write the success stories in your presentation.  Follow these steps to write success stories that make your sales conversation sizzle.

Re-Write Boring Stories to Success Stories That Sell.

When you hear about one of your client’s successes the story won’t be ready to use in a sales presentation.  Why not?  Here are a few reasons.

  1. Their success stories are almost always too long.  Have you ever had a friend tell you a story and after a while you wonder when they will get to the point?  I have, and I never want my sales presentation to be boring to my prospect.
  2. Their stories usually have too many extra words that communicate no benefit to your prospect.  Stories with meaningless words will cause your prospect to lose interest.
  3. Many other times stories are too short.  For example, “Jose Gonzalez is a great realtor” is a horrible success story because they don’t say why he is a great realtor.

Your goal is to have your prospect say out loud “wow!” after you tell the story.  How do you write a good success story?  Here is the formula.

1)      What was the problem they had and how did they feel.

2)      They did business with you and specifically what did you do to solve their problem.

3)      The measurable benefit they received.  (For example:  They purchased their dream home, found the love of their life, got the big promotion at work, etc.)

Here is an example of a true success story that follows this formula from my presentation.

“When Beth met me she was frustrated because she was bad at getting referrals.  Beth put me on her success team and I showed her how to easily get referrals from her network.  The next month she closed 5 new sales from referrals using the referral system I taught her.”

Whenever I tell the “Beth Story” my prospect almost always says “wow” and that is exactly what you want your prospect to say.

Document Your Sales Presentation Stories and Name Them

Next, write down your success stories and name the story.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will remember all the success stories you have.  Even if you remember the story, you won’t be able to communicate all the benefits from the story to the prospect clearly.  Write your stories down word for word and then give them a name like “picture frame story” or “car battery story” or “Beth story” like the one I shared with you today. Giving the story a name will help you keep track of your story so you have the story when you need it in your presentation.  Keep your stories in a book or a file on your computer so you can keep adding new stories to them over time.

I urge you to take action on this idea right now!  Take a few minutes right now and create a file in your computer called “success stories”.  Then go through your list of satisfied clients and write down how you helped them solve their problem.  Then re-write them to sell using the formula above and use them every time you sell.

How many success stories should you use in your sales presentation?  Where should you say them in the presentation?  What do you do if you are new and don’t have any success stories?  We will consider the answers to these questions in the next article HERE.

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Quick Fix for Your Broken Sales Presentation

You just closed your sales presentation. You asked for the order and your prospect said “I need to think about it”.  You thought you did a great job!  You don’t understand it, your product or service is a perfect fit for your prospect.   Why didn’t they buy?  Is there something wrong with your sales presenting skills?  You may even start to wonder if you have what it takes to be successful in selling.

Did you tell your prospect success stories in your sales presentation?  Too many sales people don’t tell success stories and it costs them the sale.  The quickest way to fix a broken sales presentation is to tell good success stories.  Why is it important to use success stories in your sales presentation?

NOTHING Sells Like Success in Your Sales Presentation

NOTHING sells like success.  Success stories act like invisible selling because your prospect can see themselves in the position of the person in the story getting similar results.  It makes them want the same results as the person in the story.  It also causes them to believe it is possible they will get the results they want. It will make them want to get the solution you are offering.

Success Stories Prove You are NOT a Liar

Have you ever had someone tell you “you can trust me”?  Did you believe them?  Probably not!  Too many salespeople TELL how they can help their prospect.  Don’t let this be you!  The problem with telling your prospect you can help them is that the prospect does not believe you.  Why not?  They don’t believe you because you are selling them something.  Past experiences with bad salespeople have taught your prospect that salespeople lie.  Success stories help to PROVE to your prospect that you are telling the truth. At the very least, success stories take away their doubt enough for your prospect to give what you’re selling a try.

I urge you to take action on this fundamental idea!  Take some time right now to find success stories to put in your presentation.  At least block out some time in your calendar to put success stories to work for you in your next sales presentation.  In my next article HERE I will share with you how to write success stories that sell.  Until then put the success stories you have in your sales presentation and use them right away!

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Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

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