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One Weird Trick to Increase Sales I Learned From a Surfer

How can a Surfer help you increase sales?  In the last article you can find HERE I spoke about how to find opportunities to increase your sales in a down economy.  The reality is we live in an abundant world.  Have you ever surfed or watched a Surfer in the water?  Have you have ever seen a Surfer miss a wave and slam down their surfboard in frustration?  Have you ever seen a Surfer get in their car and leave because they missed a wave?  I didn’t think so.  Why doesn’t a Surfer get upset when they miss a good wave?

The reason a Surfer doesn’t get upset if they miss a good wave is that they know there will ALWAYS be another wave.  If they get upset about the first wave, they may miss the next even bigger wave.

Opportunities to Increase Sales are Like Waves of the Ocean

Increasing sales is like surfing because there will always be another opportunity.  Just like a Surfer knows there will always be another wave.  What would happen if the Surfer wasn’t in the water?  They wouldn’t be able to catch the next wave. If you miss an opportunity don’t allow yourself to get upset because there will always be another opportunity.

Have you ever heard the phrase “seize the day”?  Great!  Just remember you cannot seize an opportunity that you are not prepared to seize.  Just like a Surfer that gets out of the water after they miss the big wave; if you stop your sales activities you will miss the next opportunity.

You Have Total Control over Your Sales Results

Most sales people have slowed down their sales actions due to their belief that nobody has any money in this economy.  When times are tough you must take MORE action.  When your sales are not going well there are 2 things you must focus on.  Focus on your ATTITUDE and your ACTIONS.  You have total control over your attitude and your actions.

One of the benefits of a tough economy is you can have the motivation to expand your comfort zone and to look for ways you can increase sales.  This is the time to look at every aspect of your sales process and look for ways you can increase your results.  Look for ways to dominate your competition and put those ideas into action TODAY.  One action you can take right now is to watch my free video HERE to help you increase sales with the “Instant Sales Master Blueprint”.

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Increase Sales: “White Lies” You Believe That Scare Away Sales

You must have the right mindset to increase sales in the “great recession” as this economy is being called.  When times are tough there are 2 common views.  One view stops you from increasing your sales.  The other view will help you increase sales on an ongoing basis.

Keep Out of Scar-City

The first view is fear, worry and panic.  This mindset is caused from a “scarcity” mindset.  Scarcity is a belief that there not enough of something.  If you take the work “scarcity” and you break it into 2 pieces, what do you get?  You get “scar-city”.  Who wants to live in “scar-city”?  Nobody, but if you choose a scarcity mindset you might as well build a home in “scar-city” because you have already lost and will NEVER increase sales.

A common belief I hear right now is “Nobody has any money” or “Nobody wants to buy”.  There was a time when “everyone” thought the earth was a dome, but that didn’t make the earth a dome.  The earth is a sphere and always has been.  Believing that nobody has any money or that nobody wants to buy is just like believing that the earth is a dome.  What you are doing is you are putting an imaginary obstacle in front of you so you can’t increase sales.

A belief is just a thought and a thought can be changed.  Whatever you choose to believe you are going to look for “evidence” to support that belief.  DC Cordova says “We create our reality with our thoughts”.  Would the belief that nobody has any money or nobody wants to buy help you increase anything?  Only your frustration would increase as you watch your sales slip away.

Increase Sales in an Abundant World

When times are tough there is a second mindset you can choose to have.  That mindset is opportunity.  There is opportunity all around you in this very moment.  We live in an abundant world.  In some countries people have to walk miles to the river or a well to go and fetch water for their families.  For most of you reading this article, you just turn the faucet on and you have water.  Not only that, but you have a choice of cold or hot water!

If you find yourself slipping into fear, doubt or worry take a step back.  Now take a deep breath and relax.  Remind yourself that we live in an abundant world.  Begin to look for all the opportunities around to you increase sales and make a list of them.  You will find opportunities if you are looking for them.  Then take action on those opportunities and you will attract more sales instead of scaring them away.

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Sales When You’re Stuck in the Mud

There are 3 ways for you to increase sales.  Any other sales tips I will share with you will build on these.  Any time you are having a sales slump go back and look at this article.  You will find that 1 or more of these areas are not working well.  You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.  In order to get more sales you have to know about these 3 ways so you can find out what the problem is.  Then you can take steps to correct the problem.  The 3 ways to get more sales are the following.

Your Mindset is Everything

Your mindset is the #1 factor in increasing your sales.  The other 2 ways to increase sales we will cover in this article won’t help you if your mindset is wrong.  Your mindset is your beliefs and your comfort zone.  Your mindset is whether you believe leads are hard to find or easy to find.  It’s if you believe you are bothering people when you make your prospecting calls or serving them.  It’s whether you honor your commitments or ignore them.  It’s whether you use a sales script or if you feel you’re better off “winging it”.  It’s how you feel about asking for the order and handling your prospect’s objections.  It’s whether you work a full day on Fridays or if you leave early.  It’s whether you believe that in this economy nobody has any money or that you have less competition.

Your Strategy to Increase Sales

Your strategy is the tactics that you are using to get more sales.  It is all your sales systems.   It’s your script if you use one.  It’s what you do to generate leads.  Your strategy is your system for getting referrals.  It’s how you handle objections and your follow up system.  Your sales strategy is the area of increasing sales that is easiest to improve.  You can always get information on this blog to get more sales by improving your sales systems.

Are YOU Taking Enough Action?

The 3rd way make more sales is action.   Action is moving yourself to follow through and take action on what you know you should be doing in your business.  Whether you take ENOUGH action to reach your sales goals is a symptom of your mindset.  Most of us know we should be taking more action.  The average sales person only sells for 2 hours a day.  If you only increase the amount of time you spend actually selling you will increase sales.

The fundamental ways to get more sales are “MSA”.  “MSA” is Mindset, Strategy and Action.  Take a moment right now and rate yourself in each of these 3 areas on a scale of 1 to 10; 1 being “very bad” and 10 being “Master”.  Now write down 1 thing you will do in the next 24 hours to improve in that area and take action on it.  One action you can take right now is to watch my free video HERE and keep coming back to this blog at least weekly for more tips to increase sales.

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Can You Help Your Network Marketing Team Succeed if You Haven’t?

Do you have to be successful in network marketing to teach others how to be successful?   Network marketers tell me regularly they aren’t building their team because they feel they have to be successful first before teaching others to be successful.  Is that really true?  Do you have to be a network marketing success story before you can teach anyone else?  There are several reasons why you can help someone be successful in even if you are not successful yet.

The Most Successful Players Are Rarely Good Coaches

If you had to be successful first to be able to help others succeed then every good player in sports would be a great coach right?  It is VERY rare for successful players to be successful coaches in any sport.  For examples see Isaiah Thomas, Ted Williams and Wayne Gretzky’s coaching careers.  There are a lot of theories about why great players are rarely good coaches.  In my opinion, teaching others and motivating others to perform is a completely different skill compared to performing yourself.  At the very least, it is no guarantee that if you are successful in network marketing you can help others to be successful.

You can Only get so far on Your own

You can’t be successful in network marketing on your effort alone.  Having a team is a requirement to be successful.  You may just not have been in the business long enough to build a team to help you reach the success level you want.  That’s like asking a kindergartener to pass the bar exam to become an attorney.  One of the ingredients of success is time.  So why would you beat yourself up if you haven’t had enough time to be successful?

Network Marketing Systems are the Same for Everyone

You can teach others to be successful network marketers because much of the work is done for you.  Your company likely has a specific step-by-step marketing system to follow on how to be successful.  You can also get tips to be more successful on this blog.  You might feel you need to be successful first so you can have “credibility”.  You just don’t need to be successful to have credibility.  You can get credibility through other people’s success.  You have many success stories of people in your up-line that you can say you are learning from.  Network marketing success principles are not secret and they work for anyone who applies them.

Network Marketing May be Your “Calling”

The reason you may not have been successful to this point in life is because you were in the wrong career.  If you tried to be an attorney but you really love working with your hands you probably wouldn’t be successful.  If you have gone from job to job or you have had a few failed businesses all that proves is that you haven’t been successful yet.  The average business owner is successful on their 4th business.  Sometimes it just takes time to find your “calling”.  Nobody can be great at everything.

It’s all in Your Head

What is the REAL reason you say you must be successful before helping others?  It’s all in your head.  You may really be giving yourself an excuse to keep yourself safe.  If you try to build your business you might not succeed.  If you don’t give it your best effort you will always have an excuse (you will call it a reason) why you weren’t successful.  Nobody will believe that excuse and neither will you.  Stop focusing on what you will look like to other people or how you feel about yourself.  Focus only on serving other people.  Go help your team and yourself become successful.

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Find Your Niche Market to Increase Sales (It’s NOT What You Think)

One of the keys to increase sales in your business is to find your “niche market”.   Your “niche” is one of the most commonly confused topics in sales.  You want to increase sales while working with a niche you are passionate about helping.  The problem is some of you reading this think you know what a niche is, but you really don’t.  So what is a niche?  If you don’t know what a niche is how can you increase sales?

What a Niche Market IS and What it is NOT

You may think your niche is the group you direct your sales and marketing toward so they will buy from you.  If you’re a Realtor you might say that your niche is “Sellers” or “First Time Home Buyers”.  That is not you niche.  That is only HALF of what you niche is.  Seth Godin calls the group you serve a “tribe”.  A “tribe” is an easy to name community.  An example is if you want to work with moms between the ages of 30-55.  That is easy to name.  It is an example of one half of naming your niche market.

Increase Sales:  Meet the Need Your Niche Market Sees or Feels it has

To increase your income you MUST meet the need that your tribe sees or feels it has.  The formula is (tribe + need = niche).  Let’s say you help people lose weight.  Your tribe might be moms between the ages of 30-55.  The need many moms in that tribe may feel or see is to get back to the weight they were before they had children.  So your niche in that case would be 30-55 year old moms who want to get their “body back.”  Does that fit the formula of tribe + need = niche?  I think so.  You cannot market to your niche or get increased sales results until you know what your niche is.  Take some time right now and figure out your marketing niche.  If you need help, click my free video link HERE or contact me.

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Sales Systems: Why 90% of You are Broke & What to do About it

Sales systems are the foundation of making money in your business.  Most of you do not have any specific sales systems set up for your business.  You just talk about what you are passionate about and that is not enough to get your prospects excited to talk to you.  Here are 3 sales systems every salesperson or entrepreneur must have to succeed in business long term. If you are missing even 1 of these systems, your business will suffer.  Here is an overview of these 3 important systems.

Sales System #1:  Your Lead Generation System

It amazes me how few business owners and salespeople have a lead generation system.  Your lead generation system is your strategy to get your prospects to raise their hands and want to talk to you.  Your lead generation system should be in writing.  For example:

  1. I will ask 5 people I know a day for referrals (I have a video on how to do this at the end of this article)
  2. I will go to 2 networking events a week, get 10 business cards.  Next I will set an appointment with them to see if we can help each other grow our businesses.
  3. I will give 2 speeches a month in groups that have my target market and I will offer them a free report in exchange for their contact information.

Of all 3 sales systems I will share with you in this article, lead generation is the most important.  Having a great lead generation system will always give you a steady stream of new leads and new business.  Getting very good at the next 2 systems is really important, but they won’t help you very much if you don’t have enough new leads.  Your lead generation system gives you control over your income.  It will also attract business partners that will want to work with you to add value to both of your clients.

Sales System #2:  Your Appointment Setting System

You must have an appointment setting system in your business.  You must be able to take someone who is interested and schedule an appointment with them.  Always share only the benefits to your prospect of just the appointment, not your product.  You need the appointment to find out what your prospect wants and show them how you can give them what they want.  You also need an appointment to build value for your product or service in your prospects mind so it will be okay to ask for them to buy from you if you can solve their problem.

Sales System #3:  Your Lead Conversion System

After you have found someone interested in talking with you, scheduled an appointment with them, and gotten to know what they want, now you must ask for the order.  A lot of people in sales call this step “The Close”.   If you feel you are not good at this step you are not alone.  Being good at asking for the order is a skill that anyone can learn.  In your “close” you must know exactly what you are going to say.  There is no room for “winging it”.  If you “wing it” you are going to be nervous going into the close and your prospect will lose confidence in buying from you.  If you don’t know what you will say in the close you may even drag out your presentation and take too long with the appointment and your prospect will have to leave before you even ask for them to buy.

This was an overview of these 3 sales systems.  I will be sharing more detailed information on each of these selling systems in the future.  If you want to get started on your lead generation system right now just click HERE to watch my video on the “Trojan Horse Technique”.

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5 Secrets to Get Past the Question “Is This Network Marketing?”

“Is this network marketing?” is the most common objection in network marketing.  Most network marketer distributors fear this question.  This fear is so powerful that many stop growing their businesses.  Most network marketing trainers will make you buy their program to learn how to handle this objection.  That’s not how I roll!  I’m going to give you 5 secrets right now to get past “Is this Network Marketing?”

Why does your prospect ask “Is this network marketing?”   Usually they ask because your prospect or a family member had a bad experience with a home based business opportunity in the past.  Usually, it was such a painful experience they never want to go through it again!  We will discuss how to handle this in a moment.

What if Your Business is not Traditional Network Marketing?

Even if you’re home based business opportunity is technically not a network marketing business, in the mind of your prospect it is.  Do you recruit people from your network and earn an override on their sales and marketing? Do you receive any kind of compensation on the effort of your recruits?  If so, in your prospects mind that is network marketing.  Don’t argue with your prospect or in their mind you will just confirm their suspicions.

What if They Say “Is this Network Marketing?”

No matter what, do not try to avoid the question.  Remember the old saying “Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing?”  If you avoid the question you will just confirm their suspicion that your home based business opportunity is a scam.  Don’t do what the Titanic did. Do not try to avoid the iceberg or your business will end up on the bottom of the ocean.  You must handle the question directly if you have any chance of continuing the conversation with your prospect.

  1. You could simply say “Yes it is. Do you know anything about network marketing?”  This starts a conversation where your prospect will tell you why they believe what they believe about home based business opportunities.  That gives you a chance to find out what they are really concerned about and solve that concern.
  2. You can say oh you have a story! (smile!) Please tell me what happened!   Your prospect will share why they believe they were not successful.  They usually will say it was the company or their up line or some other excuse even they don’t really believe.  They almost always admit somewhere their responsibility in the home based business opportunity not working out.  There are a lot of ways you can influence your prospect when they admit to themselves that they didn’t give their best to make the business successful. Be sure to really listen to their experience and share why that experience won’t happen again with you.  Be sure you follow through on what you tell your prospect when they come on board your team.  If you don’t follow through, they will just feel lied to again.
  3. The core concern of almost all your prospects deep down is the same.  They are afraid that they don’t have what it takes to be successful in any business at all.  Here is the next step to handle this concern.  If your prospect is married I would ask them Are you married to the first person you ever dated?  The answer is almost always no so I ask them why didn’t you just stop dating?  I listen to their answer.  Then I respond The average business owner is successful on their 4th business.  That means they fail 3 times before they are successful.  Never having another business because the first one didn’t work is ridiculous. Just like never dating again after your first date doesn’t work out is ridiculous.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Now you will have changed your prospect’s entire view of their bad experience.  You now have a chance to find out what they want and show them how you can help them get it.
  4. Here is another good answer to “is this network marketing?”  You ask themAre you familiar with how the real estate business works? They usually answer yes.  Then you say Good, you have the Broker and they have Agents under them and the Broker earns an override on the business of the agents, etc.  This business is like that.  Would you like me to share with you how it works?
  5. Here is an easy to remember response if you feel comfortable with it.  Your prospect is not going to expect you to say this.  YES!  Network marketing is the fastest, easiest way for the average person in America to create a residual income. Let me share with you why I’m so excited about my home based business opportunity!  This response is good if you are an enthusiastic person with a strong personality.  You cannot hesitate with this response.  You have to be certain and powerful.  It is not for every personality but for some it works like a charm. Your prospect is expecting you to try to avoid the question, not to enjoy it.

Be A Prepared Professional

Remember your prospect will never have taken the time to decide what they will say to you before you talk with them about your business.  They just react to what you say.  This is your chance to be prepared for how to handle this question and show that network marketers can be true professionals.  Share this information with your team to make a difference for them as well.

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Sales Tips: The #1 Way to Increase Sales You’re Too “Chicken” to do

What does calling you a chicken have to do with sales tips?  Out of all the sales tips I can give you, this one would be #1.  I just already know in advance that 99% of you won’t do it or at least you won’t do it enough.  I’m talking about using public speaking to grow your business.  99% of people are scared of giving speeches to grow their business.  This is great news!  That’s why it’s my #1 selling tip.  It gives you a huge advantage over your competition for several reasons.

Sales Tips:  How to be Viewed as an Expert in Your Field

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to jump on a table and yell at people to increase sales using public speaking.  One tip I will give you is public speakers are viewed as experts.  When the organizer of the meeting says you are an expert, it transfers their authority to you in the mind of the group.  When you share information on your subject with the group they will view you as an expert on that subject.  People love to do business with experts.  In their mind, when you speak in front of a group, that makes you an expert in the subject you are talking about.  The public views public speakers as experts, even if you do not view yourself as an expert.

Your Audience Wants you to Succeed

Out of all the sales tips I give public speaking is the one just not used enough.  One reason is people who want to start to increase sales through public speaking are often afraid they will mess up in front of the group and get laughed at.  The truth is that your audience wants you to succeed.  They are there specifically to hear what you have to say and they want to get value from you.  It’s as if they are cheering you on. In fact, many of them will applaud when you are introduced.

Your Audience Won’t View you as a “Salesperson” Anymore

One of the best things about using public speaking to increase sales is individuals in the audience  will love to hear from you after you speak.  One of the best sales tips I can share with you is when you give a speech be sure to contact those that attended after the speech.  You will hear in their voice that they respect you and they are much more likely to set appointments with you, give you referrals or even purchase from you.  On the contrary, if you were to contact leads that have never heard you speak it is much harder to get them to listen to you because in their mind you are just a “salesperson”.

Your Competition Can’t Keep up With you

In the current economy you need any advantage over your competition you can get.  Giving speeches allows you to give a presentation in front of 10 to 100 people at once.  That allows you to get 10 to 100 presentations done in 1 hour.  Your competition cannot keep up with that only doing 1 on 1 presentations.  Giving speeches allows you to leverage the power of selling to many people at once.  Stop being a chicken and get out there and speak to groups on at least a monthly basis and you will definitely increase sales.

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Is it Smart to Buy Leads to Increase Sales?

Is it smart to buy leads to increase sales?  When you buy leads you are usually purchasing the name and phone number of someone who is supposed to have expressed interest in your product.  The other kind of lead you can buy if you are in MLM is someone that is looking for a home based business opportunity.  When you buy leads you are going to be buying them from a company that gets leads off the internet.  These companies make money because you are buying leads from them.  They do not make money because the leads are good to increase sales.  In some companies you are expected to buy leads from your leader in the company.  Are buying leads off the internet a good idea to increase sales?

Why You May Choose to Buy Leads to Increase Sales

One reason you might buy leads is because you get a lead to call today. If you don’t know how to get sales leads yourself this might make sense.  One of the benefits that people who sell leads will claim is that the leads are “pre-qualified”.  Pre-qualified means the lead is supposed to be already interested in your product or business opportunity before you even call them.  It may seem to be a good idea to buy leads to get increased revenue in your business fast.  Just remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Why You Should Stop Buying Leads Immediately

There are many reasons why buying leads almost never will increase sales for your business.  One problem with buying leads is that many times the lead has been sold to at least 2 other people and sometimes as many as 4 or 5 people.  That means you still have to compete with another company to make a sale from that lead.  What is the point of buying leads if you still have to compete with another company?  This a major reason I feel it is a waste of time to purchase leads.  Another reason it is a bad idea to buy leads to increase sales is that many times the companies that sell these leads don’t tell you something very important.  They don’t tell you that many times they have given this lead a prize or incentive for giving their information.  Why is that important?  Because often times the lead was interested in the prize for their information, not your product or business.  This wastes your time you could be spending increasing sales by getting hot leads from other sources.

The biggest problem you have if you buy leads is that you are investing money in the leads.  That means that you have to make a certain number of sales just to get the money and time you invested back.  You will have to learn sales skills and have an excellent phone script to turn these leads into customers or distributors.  Most sales people and business owners simply do not have the sales skills to get enough sales to make a profit.

Learn Lead Generation Systems

I have worked with thousands of sales people and business owners to increase their income.  From what I have seen, 99% of people who buy leads lose money.  The only lasting solution to not having enough leads is to learn to create leads yourself.  You must stop looking for quick fixes.  Take the money you are currently investing on leads and instead invest in learning lead generation skills and systems.  When you can generate leads for your business consistently, you will have control of your income in any economy.

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