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Increase Sales: The Most Common Objection Handling Mistake You’re Probably Making Right Now & What to Do About It

Objection handling mistakes will get in the way whenever you want to increase sales.  Would you like to know what the most common objection handling mistake is?  Would you like to get rid of it FOREVER!?  Of course you would!

Prediction is a form of power.  Whenever you can accurately predict what someone is going to say, you have the power in that relationship to create whatever you want.  Many of your prospects bring up objections out of habit.  They may want to feel in control.  Sometimes they do it because they think it will get them a “good deal”.  Your prospect doesn’t plan in advance the objection they are going to give you when you ask for them to purchase.  They tell you what they always say every time someone asks them to buy something.  They just say what worked to delay the last amateur sales person they spoke with.

The Most Common Objection Handling Mistake

The most common objection handling mistake that stops most of you from an opportunity to increase your sales is you don’t have your responses to the most common objections in writing.

The most common objection handling mistake is you don’t have your responses to the most common objections in writing

To increase sales you must create your objection handling script book.  Here is how you get started.  You purchase a binder or create a file in your computer called “objections”.   There are typically 7-12 common objections in any industry.  Here are a few of the most common.

  1. I need to think about it
  2. I don’t have the money
  3. I need to talk it over with someone
  4. Can you send me some information?
  5. I don’t have the time
  6. Your price is too high
  7. I am already working with someone
  8. We already tried it and it didn’t work

Increase Sales by Having Many Good Responses for Each Objection

Make sure your objection handling script book has a separate page for each of the common objections in your industry.  This is where you will put all your best responses for each objection.  Your goal is to have 10 responses for each objection. Get prepared to handle each of these objections it will increase sales and your confidence when you give a presentation.

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A Weird Way to Increase Sales I Learned From Dancing With The Stars

Objection handling is a necessary skill if you want to increase sales.  It is one of the most misunderstood and avoided skills for most sales people and business owners.  Becoming a master at objection handling will increase your sales month after month, year after year.  This article will help you increase sales by dramatically improving your mindset around objection handling.

It’s NOT About You.  It’s About Your Prospect

You may feel that handling objections is being pushy.  You don’t want to be a bother or to make someone feel like you’re trying to make them do something they don’t want to do.  I agree, if your prospect tells you they are not interested in what you are offering you should end the conversation.  I don’t believe in trying to overcome “I’m not interested”.   Most of the time when you are delivering a presentation they are interested something is just holding them back from moving forward with you.

Feeling that you’re bothering your prospect or being pushy might stop you from helping your prospect make a decision that will make their life better.  This feeling is all about you. It isn’t about helping your prospect.  The truth is that you are always communicating to your prospect.  What are you communicating when you don’t effectively handle your prospects objection?

When you DON’T handle your prospects objections you are communicating that you don’t believe in what you do

You are saying to them by your actions that you don’t believe in what you do.  If you don’t believe in what you do, then why should they purchase from you?  You have heard of a “win-win deal” right?  Well, when you don’t handle your prospects objections effectively you have created a “lose-lose-lose deal”.  How so?  Not handling objections doesn’t serve your prospect, it doesn’t serve your company and it doesn’t serve you.   It’s a complete waste of your time and energy to deliver a sales presentation to your prospect and NOT handle their objections.  You are enabling them to continue to stay stuck suffering from the problem that you can solve for them.

Increase Sales by Beautifully Dancing With Your Prospect

Objection handling is a form of negotiation.

Negotiation (definition): mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement

Your prospect wants what you have or they would just tell you they aren’t interested.  Your prospect is interested, you just have to negotiate the terms of the sale.  Objection handling is not you against your prospect.  It is the two of you dancing together to help your prospect solve their problem.  When two dancers are in harmony it is a beautiful sight.  It is the same way with objection handling.  When you handle them skillfully you will increase sales and you will be happy you solved your prospects problem. In addition, your prospect will be happy to get the solution to the problem they came to you with.

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3 Secrets to Prevent Your Network Marketing Recruit From Quitting

Your network marketing downline grew very fast when you first started your home based business because you did what your leaders told you to do.  You were so excited because you thought that your dream of quitting your job and having the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do was at your fingertips.  Then most of your new team quit within the next couple of weeks.  What happened?  What is the best way to get results from your network marketing downline?

Lay the Foundation for Your Network Marketing Teams Success

Invest enough time with your downline in the beginning.  In their first meeting with you after you sign them up be sure to lay the foundation for success.  You need to get them clear on what their goals are for their business.  Get both their short and long term goals.  Have them write down “why” they want each goal.  What will the pain be if they don’t accomplish the goal? how will they feel?  What will the pleasure be if they do accomplish their goal?  How will they feel?  This needs to be something they are very emotionally connected to.  If they read the “why” and they don’t have strong feelings about their goal then they need to re-write the “why”.

Teach Your Team Member Exactly How to Reach Their Goals

Next, you must help your downline understand exactly how much marketing to their network they will have to do to reach their goals.  You will want to break it down to the amount of phone calls and appointments scheduled on a daily basis.  This needs to be very clear so that your downline knows what they need to focus on each day to reach their goals in the business.

The next step is to put together their strategy of where they will get leads.  Common places to get leads are networking events, referrals from friends and family, public speaking and on the internet.  Now your new network marketing team member knows what they are trying to accomplish, why they want it and how they are going to reach it.

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How to Keep Your Network Marketing Team From Taking Over Your Life

You need your network marketing downline to be productive in order to hit your long term goals for your home based business.  You invested a lot of time recruiting them.  Now it seems like spend all your time trying to get them to do anything in the business.  Still others call you all the time asking questions and wanting you to do things for them.  You still have to invest time marketing to your own network or you won’t be successful in your business.  You know you can’t spend all your time with them or they will never learn for themselves.  How do you keep your downline from taking all of your time?

Teach Your Network Marketing Downline Sales & Training Skills

Help your team to set their goals and teach them how much activity they have to do on a daily basis to reach those goals.  Make sure they understand that when they go home from the business meeting that not everyone is going to be excited they joined network marketing.  Teach them how to get leads.  Make sure they have effective sales script they are comfortable with.  If they are not comfortable with the script they will not make their calls or they will just “wing” the calls without a script and won’t be very effective.  You must train your downline how to sell and also how to teach those sales skills to their own team or you will be stuck training their downline forever.

Don’t spend any more than 20-30% of your time training your downline.

Don’t spend any more than 20-30% of your time training your downline.  If you do spend more than that, you are putting too much of your future results on your team’s shoulders.  It’s not their responsibility to build your business.  They are only responsible for their own business.  Teach them to work hard by your example.  Get your downline to commit to taking specific daily actions in their business.  If they call you to ask questions just ask them if they took those actions yet today.  If they haven’t taken the actions they said they would; tell them to go take those actions first and then you will answer their questions.  You will only train people who will work hard and you will filter out the people that just want you to do everything for them.

Don’t invest 1 on 1 time with members of your downline that don’t take action once they understand what activities they must do to be successful.  They are communicating that they don’t care about their goals.  If some of your downline don’t care about their goals, then why should anyone else care about their goals?

Let Your Downline Know What to Expect From You

A lot of leaders in network marketing tell their downline that they will build their team for them.  Don’t build your downlines’ team for them!  It is not good for them to expect to get something for nothing.  Instead, tell your downline that you will work alongside them to train them.  You only owe your downline to be a good example for them and to give them an opportunity to be successful.  This means you can take your dowline on your appointments and teach them by having them watch you.  They need to build their own network marketing business and the earlier they learn to do that they better off they will be.

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The Lie Network Marketing Leaders Say That Can Kill Your Business

Have your network marketing leaders told you “it’s NOT selling, it’s sharing”, “Your friends and family would rather buy from you than give the money to some huge faceless corporation” or “This product is so good, it sells itself!”?   Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, then this mindset is costing you a lot of money.  Here is why.

Network Marketing Leaders Don’t Work For Free

I don’t care what ANYONE says.  You will not make ANY money in network marketing unless someone pays money to get a product or service from your company through you.

(dictionary definition) Sell:  to transfer (goods) to or render (services) for another in exchange for money.

(dictionary definition) Share:  to divide, apportion, or receive equally.

When “sharing” money isn’t involved.  Trading a service or product for money is called “sales”.   If you are a network marketer you ARE a salesperson.  If you have a downline, then you are a sales manager PERIOD.  The more you resist being in sales and the longer you fight it, the more money it will cost you.  The leadership dream of having a large network making you money marketing your business while you are on vacation in the French Riviera is only possible if you learn sales skills and train your team on how to sell.

Why Does Your Company Tell You It Is “Not Sales”?

It’s pretty simple.  Your leaders tell you that you’re not in sales, you’re just “sharing” because that is what they were told.  It’s not because they are purposely trying to mislead you.  There are several other reasons this lie is passed around.  One other reason is that people in general dislike selling because they don’t understand what it is.  They don’t understand that selling is professional problem solving.  It is service.  Your leadership is afraid that if they tell people this is a sales career they will scare potential recruits away from joining your business opportunity.

So I’m going to ask you to decide right now whether you will accept that you’re in sales or not.  If you accept it you can have a great career and help a lot of people.  If you do not accept it you might as well call your network marketing leader and quit right now because you will not EVER be successful long term until you learn to sell.  So what did you decide?  I hope you decided to do whatever it takes to be successful and help as many people as you can to be successful as well.

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How to Increase Sales Even When Your Product Isn’t Perfect

A quality product or service is really important if you want to increase sales.  What if there isn’t much difference between your competitions products and yours?  Or what if you are selling a commodity product like mortgages or products that your prospect hopes they never have to use, such as insurance?  How can you increase sales by selling quality in those cases?

Increase Sales by Giving Your Prospect A Quality Experience

Most of the time your competition will be selling a product that is about the same as yours and that is about the same price as yours.  If you have a quality product then the key to increase sales is the quality of YOUR performance.  Quality comes from love.  That’s why quality sales people are so rare and so celebrated.  Sales superstars love every detail of the sales process.  They lovingly improve the quality of everything they do every chance they get.  The focus of quality is to do things right the first time.  It’s about attention to details.  To increase your sales you have to look at the quality of the experience you give your prospects every day.

Starbucks is not known for having the best tasting coffee in the world.  The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz said that what made Starbucks successful was the quality coffee “experience” that their customers wanted.  When Starbucks got away from that, their sales suffered.

It’s Not Your Company, It’s YOU

It’s similar with you.  If increasing your sales is a priority for you then you must do more than just let your product or service do the work.  You must also hold yourself to a higher standard than your competition.  You must provide fantastic service.  You must bring more value to your prospect than anyone else in your field.  Quality is the beginning of greatness.  You cannot increase sales year after year without the desire to be the highest quality in all you do in your business.

You are 100% responsible for the sales results you produce

You will increase sales consistently when you make your prospect think of quality when they think of you.  Quality is the ultimate competitive advantage for you because your prospect won’t even consider sending their business to someone else when you keep exceeding your prospects expectations.

Our reputation is not built on what we are GOING to do.

Our reputation is not built on what we are GOING to do.   Have you delivered the highest quality experience to your prospects?  What can YOU personally do to improve the quality of your performance to your company and to your prospects?  Are you always on time or are you always late?  Do you practice your sales presentations or do you wing it?  Do you make all your follow up calls or do you leave the office early?  Do you call all your leads or do you decide in advance some of them are poor quality and not worth calling?  Look at all the ways you can improve your performance today and you will increase sales.  Remember, quality products and services along with quality performance on your part will give you the quality of life you really want.

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Increase Sales: Does Your Client Want Best Quality or Best Price?

Your focus is to increase sales in your business.  Should you improve the quality of your product or service to make it the best?  Should you be more competitive and give your prospects the lowest possible price?  You can try to do both but at some point you have to choose.  Which would you choose?  If you need to increase sales now it may seem to make sense to lower your price to close the sale today.

Your prospect may talk about price a lot.  They might even ask you “how much is it?” in the beginning of your presentation or before you even set an appointment with them.  You hear a lot more about price on advertising and marketing than you will ever hear about quality products or services.  They don’t talk about quality but what your prospects REALLY want is the best quality products to solve the problem they have.

Is A “Great Deal” Always Great?

One of my mentors used to tell a personal story to answer this….

My mentor and his wife at one time were looking for a phone system for his business.  His wife found a used phone system and it was only 300 dollars which was a great deal for a 12 line phone system. My mentor asked his wife to make sure that the phone system had digital voicemail and other features.  His wife called him and said that the phone system was in great shape and asked him if he wanted to buy it.  He asked her if it had digital voicemail and the other features he wanted.  His wife ignored him and said “It’s 300 dollars, if we don’t buy it somebody else will.  Do you want me to buy it or not?” They bought it and it didn’t have digital voicemail or any of the other features he wanted so it was useless to them. In fact, last I heard the phone system is still sitting in his garage years later.

It was a “great deal” at 300 dollars but it’s always better to pay a little bit more to get a quality product that solves the problem than it is to get a “great deal” that doesn’t solve your problem.  You just have to spend more money to solve the problem another way.  The truth is that your prospect wants their problem solved.  Nothing wastes more time and money than low-quality products that don’t solve your prospects problem.

It’s Only Possible to Increase Sales With Quality Products & Services

If you want to increase sales you must sell a quality product or service.  If you are not selling a quality product then you must find a quality product to sell as soon as possible.  Increasing your sales long term is not going to be possible with a poor quality product or service.  Once you have found a quality product or service to sell, you can increase sales by selling both best quality AND the best price.  The price of a quality product is ALWAYS lower in the long run.

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The Quickest & Easiest Strategy To Increase Sales Now

When you want to increase sales in your business where should you start?  If you are like most people, you start trying to increase sales by reinventing your business from nothing.  You may start by thinking about what you’re not currently doing to grow your business.  You may be trying to hit a home run by getting that 1 big client.  You could also think you just need to make more calls or work harder.  I like to increase your sales by starting with the baseline strategy.

Increase Sales Using The Baseline Strategy

The baseline strategy is a simple and systematic way of increasing your sales. Each of you has a baseline in terms of the sales you are producing on a monthly basis.  Let’s say one of the ways you measure results is sales or new clients. If you are averaging 5 sales per month, your baseline would be 5 new sales or clients.  The baseline is everything that you are currently doing to produce 5 sales.  The number of calls you make, your time management, your goal setting, your selling skills.  It is everything working together.

The baseline strategy is to keep doing what you have been doing to grow your business because it is producing a result.  Then add one new idea or one new strategy and you will be able to increase your results further.

Use Your Subconscious Mind

Part of the purpose of the subconscious mind is to answer whatever question you ask it.  Ask yourself right now, what is one thing you could add to your baseline to increase your sales in this economy?

Whatever answer you get, write it down.  It might be something that you used to do that worked, but for whatever reason you stopped doing it.  It might be something you know you should be doing but are not doing.  It might be public speaking to market your business.  Whatever the answer is, write it down and make a decision to add it to your baseline today.  For more ideas on what you can add to your baseline to increase sales in your business, click HERE and watch my free video.

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