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How to Increase Sales Without Looking Like A Lying “Salesperson”

To increase sales in these times that change so fast we have to be better than we were yesterday.  There are a lot of bad salespeople that have given anyone selling just about anything a bad reputation with the general public.  You may even feel that most salespeople are pushy, only care about their commission and will lie to get the sale.  Many salespeople out there try to increase sales through aggressive and pushy techniques.  Is there a way to go about increasing your sales without using techniques that could ruin your reputation?  Yes

The Road to Increased Sales is Paved With Good Intentions

Your prospect has an excellent lie detector to spot anything less than completely sincere salespeople.  Your prospect can sense how you REALLY feel about them and what your intentions are.  86% of all communication is non-verbal.  That means that you say a lot more with your body language, tone of voice and facial expression than the words you speak.  We are always communicating to others with everything we do (or don’t do).  The solution isn’t WHAT you do to create increased sales results; it’s WHY you do it.

You must TRULY believe your prospect MUST have your product or they will sense it and you will probably lose the sale.  It can’t be about your commission and meeting quota in your presentation if you want to get the sale.  You can cultivate the belief that your prospect must have your product even if it means they would have to get a 2nd job to afford it.  How?

  • Read and really think about testimonials of satisfied clients of your company
  • Imagine running into your ideal client a year from now.  Take a few minutes and write down what they would say.  Visualize the difference you will make in their life.
  • Really imagine the pain that your prospect is going through because of this difficult problem that you can solve.
  • You must TRULY care about making your clients life better.

Increase Sales Through Sincerity

What are you thinking about when you go through the close portion of your presentation?  What about when you handle objections and when you follow up?  Are you thinking about why you need the sale?  Don’t try to close, handle objections and follow up with your prospect because of what you want to get from them.  Do those things because you’re committed to making the sale to benefit your prospect.  They will sense your sincerity and be more likely to buy.  It will increase sales for your business because you have a great reputation.   It will improve the reputation of all of us who sell every day.  You will get more referrals and your clients will buy more from you.

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How “Chasing Chickens” Can Help You Succeed at Network Marketing

There is one very common mistake I see made in network marketing almost every day.  I’m sure you see it in your company.  Lots and lots of network marketers are passionate people.  I think this is a very good thing because it brings spice to life and makes business fun.  This causes a lot of network marketers to be working more than 1 home based business at a time.  I routinely see people in 3 or 4 network marketing companies at once and they aren’t succeeding at any of them.

Father Knows Best

My dad doesn’t know a thing about network marketing or home based business but he is a very wise man.  He was raised on a farm.  I remember one day I was talking with him about how so many network marketers have several home based businesses they are excited about but they aren’t succeeding in any of them.  He asked me a great question.

“Have you ever tried chasing 2 chickens at the same time?” – My Dad

He went on to explain that chasing 2 chickens at the same time just doesn’t work.  They are very quick and you will wear yourself out running in circles.  It is very difficult to chase and catch just 1 chicken, it is virtually impossible to catch 2 chickens the same time.

You either know a business owner that is doing this or you are doing this yourself.  You are on your 5th, 6th or 11th home based business or network marketing opportunity.  You have killed your chance to market to your network for leads because you keep going to them about a different business all the time. Your network is totally confused about what the heck it is that you even do at this point.

When The Going Gets Tough In Your Network Marketing or Home Based Business Opportunity, What Do You Do About It?

You can’t jump from one business opportunity to the other or try to do several at once and be successful.  Every business requires time, attention and focus.  You will spread yourself too thin and have too many plates spinning. In your mind, you may try to justify it by thinking that you have business partners to help you so you are leveraging your time.  That’s just because you don’t want to give up something you’re excited about.  I understand that.  Would you rather succeed at one business or fail at 3?  You can resist this concept as much as you want but in the end you will find it to be true.  You will just waste a lot of energy failing over and over again trying to prove it wrong.

If you jump from one home based business to the other every time it gets hard you are NEVER going to get anywhere.   If you’re thinking the next opportunity will be easier than the last one you are just fooling yourself. 

Every time you start a new business you are starting over.  It is very unlikely you will get to take the momentum you had in your other business and apply it to the new one.  Stick with one home based business opportunity at a time.  Once you make it successful you can move on to another if you want.

If you want chicken for dinner you must chase the chicken you want until you catch it.

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7 Simple Ways to Increase Sales & Stop Wasting Your Precious Time

It’s very difficult to increase sales in your business without using your time well.  I’m going to share with you several things most of you are doing that rob you of your time.  These will prevent you from increasing sales in your business.  Take a moment with me and identify which of these time wasters are costing you time and an increase in your sales.

“Time is more important than money.  You can get more money, but you can’t get more time” – Jim Rohn

Increase Sales by Avoiding These Time Wasters

  • Losing you keys and having to waste time looking for them.  You’re running late for an appointment because you can’t find your keys.  Being late for a sales presentation alone can cost you a sale.   How can you prevent losing your keys?  Designate a spot where you leave your keys every time you walk in your door and never leave them anywhere else.  You can keep a spare set of keys in a safe place.  You can get a key finder as well.
  • Mindlessly surfing the internet/social media will cost you time.  You absolutely must have a social media and online strategy to increase sales.  You may still find yourself distracted by posts or celebrity gossip and YouTube videos of kittens.  Schedule in your day the specific amount of time you will invest in social media and checking email.  I like to use sites like and hootsuite to post content on social media.  It looks like I am online a lot but I’m only on social media and email for about an hour a day.   Also text messaging can waste a lot of time.  Many times it would be more productive to just have a phone conversation.
  • Getting and drinking coffee can rob you of productive sales time.  You may find that you invest an hour or more a day getting coffee at Starbucks for example.  You may be able to get coffee at the office for free or for much less money and time.  That time would be better invested on strategies to increase sales in your business.
  • You may waste time by not having a plan for your day.  Most of you don’t plan your business day before the day starts.  Your plan for the day is whatever messages are on your cell phone and your priorities are whoever is yelling the loudest.  Having a plan for your day is more than just having a “to-do” list.  It’s about being clear on your outcome for each day and creating that outcome.
  • You can waste a lot of time by always saying “yes” to people’s requests of you.  You may not want to hurt their feelings.  It’s best to say “no” or you will have everyone else running your life.  You will also take on more things than you can handle and you will upset a lot of people because you will either not follow through or you will do an average job.  Start to say “no” so you can use your time to increase sales in your business and create a quality life for you and your family.
  • Socializing and interruptions also waste a lot of productive time you could use to increase sales.  You are most productive when you block your time.  Block out the time in your schedule for your most important tasks and focus on them until complete.  Lock the door to your office or put a “do not disturb” sign on your chair if you have to.  Also, an “emergency” is when the building is on fire or someone has to go to the emergency room.  It is not an emergency for someone to ask you where a file is.  Those requests can wait an hour or two until you are done with your important activity.
  • The biggest time waster for most of you is watching television.  I read recently that the average person watches 35 hours of television each week!  You hear people all the time talk about how they don’t have enough time for things.  Over your lifetime at that pace you will spend years of your life watching television.  I’m not saying you can never watch television.  I’m saying you must be smart about it.  Don’t flip through the channels or watch programs that you don’t really enjoy! (Sorry Kardashians)  Now we have DVR’s and we have the ability to watch what programs we want and we can choose when we want to watch them.  Take advantage of this to get the most enjoyment out of your favorite shows.
  • Here’s a bonus common time waster.  NOT taking enough vacation or days off is another waste of your time.   It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking that if you take less time off you will be more productive.  It’s not true.  Working 7 days a week or never taking vacation time will kill your productivity and make it almost impossible to increase sales.  You will be exhausted and only have the energy to give an average effort at best in your business.  We all need to refresh ourselves.  When you are refreshed you will be more focused, more productive and increase sales.

Does This Mean I Can’t Do Any of These Things Ever?

“Either you run the day or the day runs you” – Jim Rohn

I’m not saying you cannot ever do any of the things mentioned above.  I’m saying that if you want to increase sales you must be smart about where you invest your time.  Invest some time right now and see where you are wasting productive time and determine how you can make adjustments to be more productive and increase sales.

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3 Simple Ways to Get Out of “Vacation Mode” & Increase Sales

How do you increase sales before or after vacation?   A lot of people get caught in “vacation mode”.  Vacation mode is where you don’t feel like taking the right actions to grow your sales because you’re mind is still on vacation.  You may find yourself losing chances to increase your sales because the couple of weeks before your vacation you are distracted.  Once you get back from vacation you may still take a couple of weeks to get back to normal.  That is a whole month of lost chances to increase your income!  Top producers never do this.  So how do you increase sales before and after vacation?

You Played Hard, Now Work Hard

  1. Schedule what days you are going to work and what days you are going to take vacation. When it is a day you scheduled to work then give it all your effort and focus.  Don’t be in the office while wishing you were at the beach.   Don’t allow yourself to make excuses to not make your calls.  You are a professional problem solver.  Do your job.  If you did not schedule today as a holiday in your calendar in advance then don’t treat it like a holiday.  Nothing lowers confidence more than knowing you could have given a better effort but didn’t.
  2. Don’t plan your vacation or make arrangements during business hours.  Be jealous of the times of the day you can be talking to prospects and increasing sales.  Don’t waste your sales time searching for flights on the internet or getting someone to feed your dog and water your plants.  Handle those necessary things after sales hours.  Any few dollars you might have saved by taking 4 hours trying to get the best deal on whatever for your vacation will be offset by the sales you lost because you weren’t solving problems for someone.
  3. Read your goals every day when you get back from vacation.  Reading your goals will help you get and stay focused.  It will help you make the future more real to you.  It will take your focus off of wishing you were still on vacation and put it back into creating the life that you want.

Increase Sales by Scheduling Sales Presentations

Here is a bonus tip.  Be sure to schedule some sales presentations for the day you are back to work to force you to perform.  You may be tempted to take a day to get back on track or to handle messages on your voicemail.  Don’t make this mistake!  Instead schedule a sales presentation for first thing when you get back to work if possible.  At least schedule several sales presentations on the same day you get back.  This will help you increase sales by making a sale on the day you get back or at least getting you back in “the groove”.

If you use these tips you will be more productive.  You will increase sales for yourself.  Your confidence will skyrocket, you will crush your lethargic competition and live the life you really want.

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