Month: January 2012

How to Increase Sales Without Looking Like A Lying “Salesperson”

To increase sales in these times that change so fast we have to be better than we were yesterday.  There are a lot of bad salespeople that have given anyone selling just about anything a bad reputation with the general

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How “Chasing Chickens” Can Help You Succeed at Network Marketing

There is one very common mistake I see made in network marketing almost every day.  I’m sure you see it in your company.  Lots and lots of network marketers are passionate people.  I think this is a very good thing

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7 Simple Ways to Increase Sales & Stop Wasting Your Precious Time

It’s very difficult to increase sales in your business without using your time well.  I’m going to share with you several things most of you are doing that rob you of your time.  These will prevent you from increasing sales

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3 Simple Ways to Get Out of “Vacation Mode” & Increase Sales

How do you increase sales before or after vacation?   A lot of people get caught in “vacation mode”.  Vacation mode is where you don’t feel like taking the right actions to grow your sales because you’re mind is still on

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