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One Simple Way to Increase Sales 99% of Your Competition Won’t Do

The longer I have been in sales the more weird little ways I have learned to increase sales.  Most of them don’t take much more effort than you are already doing to increase your sales.  This idea is a very simple one and you can start doing it right away.

Increase Sales by Recording Your Sales Presentation

Whether you sell over the phone, in person or through public speaking you can record your sales presentation.  There are several great reasons to record your sales presentation.  One reason is that it helps you find out where you “lost them” if you don’t get a sale from that prospect.  You could be making the same mistake over and over again in your sales presentation.  That mistake could cost you increasing sales.  If you record you delivering your presentation you may find a consistent place in your presentation where you are losing the sale.

Recording your sales presentation is also great if you are going to write a book.  If you are an expert on what you sell you can give these recordings to a ghost writer and use them to write a book.  Of course, if you deal with a lot of confidential information from your prospects you will not use their information for your book without their permission.

Before you write a book you can use the recordings of your sales presentation to create audios or videos for marketing.  You can use the recordings to drive traffic to your website or to have your prospect contact you for more information.  This will increase sales by bringing in more leads into your business.  For more tips to generate leads for your business click HERE to watch your FREE video the “Instant Sales Master Blueprint”

You Can Be There Whenever They Need You

Another great reason to record your sales presentation is that it can be a great value you add to your clients.  If are training clients, they won’t be able to remember everything you spoke with them about.  If you record your call or appointment with them they can listen to it as many times as they need to.  Recording your sales presentation will help you increase sales today and every day for the rest of your career.

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How to Use “Recycling” to Increase Sales

You probably never thought you would see “recycling” and “increase sales” in the same sentence.  Recycling or “going green” is usually talked about when we are trying to take care of the environment.  You recycle your bottles and cans.  You feel good that you do those things because you are doing your part to take care of our planet and each other.   What does recycling have to do with getting an increase in your sales?

“No” Does Not Mean “Never”

You contact prospects or leads to increase sales in your business every day.  Some of your prospects are interested right away and they purchase from you and that results in increasing sales in your business.  The rest of your prospects say “It’s not in the budget” – “We are happy with our current supplier” or possibly other objections to doing business with you right now.  What can you do with those leads after they say no that can help you close more sales?

“Recycle” Your Leads & Increase Sales

So your prospect said no to your offer.  It happens to everyone.  Things change in the mind over your prospect over time.  Customer service from your competition can drive them back to you.  The company could bring in a new decision maker that wants a solution to the problem you solve.  When a prospect says no make a note in your database to get back in touch with them and make the same offer to them every 90 days.

You can recycle your leads by making the same or a different offer to your leads every 90 days

This is how you “recycle” a lead and increase sales.  Sales failures don’t do this.  They almost never contact someone again after they hear a no and it’s a huge mistake. “Recycling” leads consistently will build your relationship with your prospect and it lets them know you are really serious about solving their problems.  This will help you increase sales and get more referrals

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Increase Sales: The Facebook & Twitter Mistake That WILL Cost You

Everyone agrees that using social media is an important marketing tool to increase sales.  Everyone has a social media presence now from big business to small business. What could you be doing on social media that prevents an increase in your sales?   First, let me share with you briefly how the brain works to increase sales.

Your Prospect Likes People Who Are Like Themselves

People sub-consciously notice similarities & consciously notice differences.  What does that mean?  When you meet someone at first you may not notice anything in particular about them.  Let’s say they start talking and say something you find insulting or disagree with.  Your mind didn’t notice that they have 2 feet just like you, have 2 hands just like you and 2 eyes just like you.  Those similarities to you are sub-conscious.  The fact that they said something you did not agree with is what you notice and what you will use to decide if you like that person or not.  We all have a tendency to like people who we have things “in common” with or we see as similar to us.

People sub-consciously notice similarities & consciously notice differences.

Here is a story of how this works to increase sales.  Back in the 80’s Ronald Reagan was the President.  There was a realtor who went on a listing appointment with a prospect to sell the prospects home.    The prospect had Ronald Reagan stickers all over her car and had posters in her house.  It was very clear that the prospect liked Ronald Reagan.  The Realtor did not like Ronald Reagan’s politics.  When the subject came up of Ronald Reagan, the realtor said “I like how he seems so sincere and communicates so well.”  The Realtor said that because they knew it would create a disagreement between them and their prospect and lower their chances of increasing sales if the realtor said something bad about Ronald Reagan.  They also didn’t lie to the prospect and say they liked Ronald Reagan.  It just would have been unprofessional and unnecessary to make a political statement in that situation.

Do you think that the realtor would have gotten that sale if they would have had stickers all over their car saying negative things about Ronald Reagan?  Probably not!  Why?  Because the prospect has many choices of people to do business with and if their first impression of the realtor was bad it is very unlikely the prospect would have done business with them.

Increase Sales By Watching What You Say In Your Marketing

So how does this apply to marketing on social media to increase sales?  Religion, politics and sports are very emotional things for your prospect.  They will respond strongly to any disagreements with you in those areas.  If you want to increase sales you will want to avoid making any religious, sports or political comments on your BUSINESS social media pages.  Many people have lost jobs over such statements on social media.  I don’t want you to create any kind of negativity around your business.  It will cost you one way to increase sales.

Avoid making ANY religious, sports or political comments on your BUSINESS social media pages

You may disagree with what I have said here.  That is your right to disagree.  You want to be sure you are not just disagreeing just because that is your first emotional response.  Earlier I said that religion, sports & politics are very emotional.  If you are disagreeing without first taking time to logically consider whether you have lost sales over this you may be proving the point of this whole article.  If YOU feel so strongly about your views do you think your prospect feels just as strongly?  Of Course!  If your prospect disagrees with you about your personal views they are not going to tell you.  They just won’t respond to your marketing efforts because they have so many other choices of other businesses to work with to solve the exact problem you solve.

What about if you are trying to work with a specific niche?  The exception to the rule is if you are working with a specific niche where religion is part of community you are trying to target.  For example, you might want to work with Christian Singles to help them with finding their soulmate.  In that case your marketing would have a Christian tone to it.  I doubt you are going to want to use politics or sports to help define the niche you will work with so I won’t comment on that here.  By sports I mean that if you are a Yankees fan and you promote the Yankees all over social media Red Sox fans are not going to want to work with your business and it will cost you several million chances to increase sales.

What about expressing yourself?  A lot of people I have shared this with really feel that not making religious, sports or political statements on social media would compromise them “being themselves”.   YOU are still YOU no matter what you say on social media.  I would suggest that if you want to express political, religious or sports related views then create a separate social media profile JUST for your personal opinions and messages and say whatever you want on those.

My role is to help you increase sales so I’m going to share with you various ways to increase sales.   Some you will feel great about and others you will resist.   There is a very large segment of your market that feels that mixing personal opinions in religion, politics and sports with business is inappropriate and unprofessional.  If you choose to make these statements you can do that as long as you understand the cause and effect relationship.  If we choose the behavior we choose the consequences.

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Increase Sales: The 7 Best Ways Ever to Get Past The “Gatekeeper”

To increase sales you will need to get past the “gatekeeper”.  What is a gatekeeper?  They are the person who answers the phone when you call a business.  They could be the assistant to the decision maker or they could be the receptionist.  Their job is to filter unnecessary calls from getting to the decision maker in the business.  If you want to increase your sales you will need to get to the decision maker.  Here are some ways to get past the gatekeeper and increase sales.

Treat The Gatekeeper The Way YOU Would Like To Be Treated

One of the keys to increase sales is to always treat the gatekeeper like they are the CEO of the company.  Why?  Because they might be!  Several times I have had the spouse of the decision maker or the decision maker themselves answer the phone.  Treating whoever answers the phone badly can cost you a chance to increase sales.  Never be angry with them or insult them.  The gatekeeper gets a lot of phone calls each day from bad salespeople.  They don’t know that you can really help their company.  They often only say “no” because they don’t know YOU are not one of the bad salespeople that call them every day.

Humor is a great tool to use when increasing sales.  If the gatekeeper answers the phone laughing I always try to have fun with them.  Before I start what I normally say I might say to them “Are we having fun today?” or “It’s great to work with fun people isn’t it?” and laugh.  This usually will get them to relax a little with me and makes them more open to put me through to the decision maker.

The first thing you say is important to open doors to increase sales.  When the gatekeeper answers the phone say something to get them on your side.  I will usually open by saying “(Gatekeepers name), I need your help.”  People naturally want to help each other.  Saying something like this makes their first instinct to help me and they are more open to put me through to the decision maker.

The gatekeeper’s goal is to get you off the phone with them.  Make it easy for them to get you off the phone.   If the gatekeeper says they are on a different floor than the decision maker, ask the gatekeeper to page the decision maker.  You might say “Please page them. I’ll hold.”  This helps the gatekeeper reach their goal of getting off the phone with you.

If the gatekeeper doesn’t know the schedule of the decision maker here are a few questions to ask to give you a better idea of when you can call back and reach the decision maker.  “What time do they usually arrive in the morning?” “When do they usually leave in the afternoon?”  “Is it best to reach them in the mid morning or in the early afternoon?” “Do they eat lunch in or out?”  “What time do they normally have lunch?”

Increase Sales By Asking Smarter Questions

To increase sales you have to get good at being creative and thinking differently.  If those questions are not working to get past the gatekeeper you can flip it on them.  You can ask “Is there a day or time that I should not call?”  This is a great question.  If the gatekeeper says that the decision maker is always in a managers meeting on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11 they think they just told you when to NOT call.  The truth is that means the decision maker IS available just before 9:30 and just after 11 am.  The gatekeeper just told you exactly when to call and reach the decision maker.

The last cool way you can get past a difficult gatekeeper is to ask them.  “When do you normally take your lunch break?”  The reason you ask is because someone else will be handling the incoming calls during that time and you will be much more likely to get to speak with the decision maker.   Having the skill to get past the decision maker will give you an edge on your competition and give you more chances to increase sales.

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