How to Increase Sales Now by Modeling

What does modeling have to do with how to increase sales?  Good question.  Modeling is one of the best ways to increase your sales there is.  I’m sure you know I’m not talking about fashion modeling.  What kind of modeling am I talking about?  I’m talking about the “modeling principle”.  What is The Modeling Principle?

The Modeling Principle is…

If someone else is producing a result and YOU DO what THEY DO, you will produce a similar result.

If someone else is increasing their sales and you do what THEY do, you will increase sales yourself.  Maybe you know someone successful in the same business you are in.  I have 3 sentences for you to keep in mind.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Having said that, what does everyone want to do?  That’s right! They want to reinvent the wheel! Don’t you dare try to “reinvent the wheel” to be successful.

Use the modeling principle to model sales superstars.  I call this “modeling” someone.  If you are not doing what the superstars are doing, why not?   Maybe you think they are too pushy.  Maybe you think they are more skilled, talented or better looking than you.  Maybe you think they will be upset and view you as competition.  Maybe you think what they are doing is “too hard”.  Maybe you want to take what they are doing to increase sales and to do it “my way”.

The problem is that doing it “my way” doesn’t work!  If it did, you would already be the top producer.  If you are just too opposed to what a sales superstar is doing to increase sales, follow this idea.

Take the best, and leave the rest!

Don’t dismiss everything they are doing.  Instead, take the best and use it!  You can fill in any missing pieces to increase your income by learning from a different sales superstar.

How to Increase Sales by Modeling Someone Successful

When you model someone to increase sales, what do you model?  When you model someone there are 2 things to model.

  1. Their Beliefs:  You take their beliefs that help them close the sale and you make those your beliefs.  If they believe that Fridays are a great day to make prospecting calls that means you now believe that Fridays are a great day to make prospecting calls.  If they believe that it is easy to get referrals you adopt that belief for yourself.  A belief is a choice.  Whatever you choose to believe, you will look for evidence to support that belief.  Use the sales superstar you are modeling as proof in your mind that their belief is true.  The only beliefs worth having are the beliefs that help you increase sales.
  2. Their Strategy:  You take the same actions that they take.  If they are really good at something, go with them to learn how they do it.  You watch the words they are using in their sales presentation, use the same words in your sales presentation.

A great way to model a sales superstar is to ask them to let you go with them while they do their sales activities.  You can also buy them lunch and ask them questions.  Most top producers are fine with telling you what they do.  Tell them how you see they are the best at what they do and you want to learn from them.  You can also read books and go to seminars.  These are all great ways to increase sales if you take action on what you learn.  I wish you the best of success as you apply the modeling principle in all areas of your life, but especially to get more sales.

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Kristoffer Thompson

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Sales When You’re Stuck in the Mud

There are 3 ways for you to increase sales.  Any other sales tips I will share with you will build on these.  Any time you are having a sales slump go back and look at this article.  You will find that 1 or more of these areas are not working well.  You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.  In order to get more sales you have to know about these 3 ways so you can find out what the problem is.  Then you can take steps to correct the problem.  The 3 ways to get more sales are the following.

Your Mindset is Everything

Your mindset is the #1 factor in increasing your sales.  The other 2 ways to increase sales we will cover in this article won’t help you if your mindset is wrong.  Your mindset is your beliefs and your comfort zone.  Your mindset is whether you believe leads are hard to find or easy to find.  It’s if you believe you are bothering people when you make your prospecting calls or serving them.  It’s whether you honor your commitments or ignore them.  It’s whether you use a sales script or if you feel you’re better off “winging it”.  It’s how you feel about asking for the order and handling your prospect’s objections.  It’s whether you work a full day on Fridays or if you leave early.  It’s whether you believe that in this economy nobody has any money or that you have less competition.

Your Strategy to Increase Sales

Your strategy is the tactics that you are using to get more sales.  It is all your sales systems.   It’s your script if you use one.  It’s what you do to generate leads.  Your strategy is your system for getting referrals.  It’s how you handle objections and your follow up system.  Your sales strategy is the area of increasing sales that is easiest to improve.  You can always get information on this blog to get more sales by improving your sales systems.

Are YOU Taking Enough Action?

The 3rd way make more sales is action.   Action is moving yourself to follow through and take action on what you know you should be doing in your business.  Whether you take ENOUGH action to reach your sales goals is a symptom of your mindset.  Most of us know we should be taking more action.  The average sales person only sells for 2 hours a day.  If you only increase the amount of time you spend actually selling you will increase sales.

The fundamental ways to get more sales are “MSA”.  “MSA” is Mindset, Strategy and Action.  Take a moment right now and rate yourself in each of these 3 areas on a scale of 1 to 10; 1 being “very bad” and 10 being “Master”.  Now write down 1 thing you will do in the next 24 hours to improve in that area and take action on it.  One action you can take right now is to watch my free video HERE and keep coming back to this blog at least weekly for more tips to increase sales.

Kristoffer Thompson

Master Sales Coach

Increase Sales Training

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