How “Chasing Chickens” Can Help You Succeed at Network Marketing

There is one very common mistake I see made in network marketing almost every day.  I’m sure you see it in your company.  Lots and lots of network marketers are passionate people.  I think this is a very good thing because it brings spice to life and makes business fun.  This causes a lot of network marketers to be working more than 1 home based business at a time.  I routinely see people in 3 or 4 network marketing companies at once and they aren’t succeeding at any of them.

Father Knows Best

My dad doesn’t know a thing about network marketing or home based business but he is a very wise man.  He was raised on a farm.  I remember one day I was talking with him about how so many network marketers have several home based businesses they are excited about but they aren’t succeeding in any of them.  He asked me a great question.

“Have you ever tried chasing 2 chickens at the same time?” – My Dad

He went on to explain that chasing 2 chickens at the same time just doesn’t work.  They are very quick and you will wear yourself out running in circles.  It is very difficult to chase and catch just 1 chicken, it is virtually impossible to catch 2 chickens the same time.

You either know a business owner that is doing this or you are doing this yourself.  You are on your 5th, 6th or 11th home based business or network marketing opportunity.  You have killed your chance to market to your network for leads because you keep going to them about a different business all the time. Your network is totally confused about what the heck it is that you even do at this point.

When The Going Gets Tough In Your Network Marketing or Home Based Business Opportunity, What Do You Do About It?

You can’t jump from one business opportunity to the other or try to do several at once and be successful.  Every business requires time, attention and focus.  You will spread yourself too thin and have too many plates spinning. In your mind, you may try to justify it by thinking that you have business partners to help you so you are leveraging your time.  That’s just because you don’t want to give up something you’re excited about.  I understand that.  Would you rather succeed at one business or fail at 3?  You can resist this concept as much as you want but in the end you will find it to be true.  You will just waste a lot of energy failing over and over again trying to prove it wrong.

If you jump from one home based business to the other every time it gets hard you are NEVER going to get anywhere.   If you’re thinking the next opportunity will be easier than the last one you are just fooling yourself. 

Every time you start a new business you are starting over.  It is very unlikely you will get to take the momentum you had in your other business and apply it to the new one.  Stick with one home based business opportunity at a time.  Once you make it successful you can move on to another if you want.

If you want chicken for dinner you must chase the chicken you want until you catch it.

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3 Secrets to Prevent Your Network Marketing Recruit From Quitting

Your network marketing downline grew very fast when you first started your home based business because you did what your leaders told you to do.  You were so excited because you thought that your dream of quitting your job and having the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do was at your fingertips.  Then most of your new team quit within the next couple of weeks.  What happened?  What is the best way to get results from your network marketing downline?

Lay the Foundation for Your Network Marketing Teams Success

Invest enough time with your downline in the beginning.  In their first meeting with you after you sign them up be sure to lay the foundation for success.  You need to get them clear on what their goals are for their business.  Get both their short and long term goals.  Have them write down “why” they want each goal.  What will the pain be if they don’t accomplish the goal? how will they feel?  What will the pleasure be if they do accomplish their goal?  How will they feel?  This needs to be something they are very emotionally connected to.  If they read the “why” and they don’t have strong feelings about their goal then they need to re-write the “why”.

Teach Your Team Member Exactly How to Reach Their Goals

Next, you must help your downline understand exactly how much marketing to their network they will have to do to reach their goals.  You will want to break it down to the amount of phone calls and appointments scheduled on a daily basis.  This needs to be very clear so that your downline knows what they need to focus on each day to reach their goals in the business.

The next step is to put together their strategy of where they will get leads.  Common places to get leads are networking events, referrals from friends and family, public speaking and on the internet.  Now your new network marketing team member knows what they are trying to accomplish, why they want it and how they are going to reach it.

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How to Keep Your Network Marketing Team From Taking Over Your Life

You need your network marketing downline to be productive in order to hit your long term goals for your home based business.  You invested a lot of time recruiting them.  Now it seems like spend all your time trying to get them to do anything in the business.  Still others call you all the time asking questions and wanting you to do things for them.  You still have to invest time marketing to your own network or you won’t be successful in your business.  You know you can’t spend all your time with them or they will never learn for themselves.  How do you keep your downline from taking all of your time?

Teach Your Network Marketing Downline Sales & Training Skills

Help your team to set their goals and teach them how much activity they have to do on a daily basis to reach those goals.  Make sure they understand that when they go home from the business meeting that not everyone is going to be excited they joined network marketing.  Teach them how to get leads.  Make sure they have effective sales script they are comfortable with.  If they are not comfortable with the script they will not make their calls or they will just “wing” the calls without a script and won’t be very effective.  You must train your downline how to sell and also how to teach those sales skills to their own team or you will be stuck training their downline forever.

Don’t spend any more than 20-30% of your time training your downline.

Don’t spend any more than 20-30% of your time training your downline.  If you do spend more than that, you are putting too much of your future results on your team’s shoulders.  It’s not their responsibility to build your business.  They are only responsible for their own business.  Teach them to work hard by your example.  Get your downline to commit to taking specific daily actions in their business.  If they call you to ask questions just ask them if they took those actions yet today.  If they haven’t taken the actions they said they would; tell them to go take those actions first and then you will answer their questions.  You will only train people who will work hard and you will filter out the people that just want you to do everything for them.

Don’t invest 1 on 1 time with members of your downline that don’t take action once they understand what activities they must do to be successful.  They are communicating that they don’t care about their goals.  If some of your downline don’t care about their goals, then why should anyone else care about their goals?

Let Your Downline Know What to Expect From You

A lot of leaders in network marketing tell their downline that they will build their team for them.  Don’t build your downlines’ team for them!  It is not good for them to expect to get something for nothing.  Instead, tell your downline that you will work alongside them to train them.  You only owe your downline to be a good example for them and to give them an opportunity to be successful.  This means you can take your dowline on your appointments and teach them by having them watch you.  They need to build their own network marketing business and the earlier they learn to do that they better off they will be.

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The Lie Network Marketing Leaders Say That Can Kill Your Business

Have your network marketing leaders told you “it’s NOT selling, it’s sharing”, “Your friends and family would rather buy from you than give the money to some huge faceless corporation” or “This product is so good, it sells itself!”?   Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, then this mindset is costing you a lot of money.  Here is why.

Network Marketing Leaders Don’t Work For Free

I don’t care what ANYONE says.  You will not make ANY money in network marketing unless someone pays money to get a product or service from your company through you.

(dictionary definition) Sell:  to transfer (goods) to or render (services) for another in exchange for money.

(dictionary definition) Share:  to divide, apportion, or receive equally.

When “sharing” money isn’t involved.  Trading a service or product for money is called “sales”.   If you are a network marketer you ARE a salesperson.  If you have a downline, then you are a sales manager PERIOD.  The more you resist being in sales and the longer you fight it, the more money it will cost you.  The leadership dream of having a large network making you money marketing your business while you are on vacation in the French Riviera is only possible if you learn sales skills and train your team on how to sell.

Why Does Your Company Tell You It Is “Not Sales”?

It’s pretty simple.  Your leaders tell you that you’re not in sales, you’re just “sharing” because that is what they were told.  It’s not because they are purposely trying to mislead you.  There are several other reasons this lie is passed around.  One other reason is that people in general dislike selling because they don’t understand what it is.  They don’t understand that selling is professional problem solving.  It is service.  Your leadership is afraid that if they tell people this is a sales career they will scare potential recruits away from joining your business opportunity.

So I’m going to ask you to decide right now whether you will accept that you’re in sales or not.  If you accept it you can have a great career and help a lot of people.  If you do not accept it you might as well call your network marketing leader and quit right now because you will not EVER be successful long term until you learn to sell.  So what did you decide?  I hope you decided to do whatever it takes to be successful and help as many people as you can to be successful as well.

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Can You Help Your Network Marketing Team Succeed if You Haven’t?

Do you have to be successful in network marketing to teach others how to be successful?   Network marketers tell me regularly they aren’t building their team because they feel they have to be successful first before teaching others to be successful.  Is that really true?  Do you have to be a network marketing success story before you can teach anyone else?  There are several reasons why you can help someone be successful in even if you are not successful yet.

The Most Successful Players Are Rarely Good Coaches

If you had to be successful first to be able to help others succeed then every good player in sports would be a great coach right?  It is VERY rare for successful players to be successful coaches in any sport.  For examples see Isaiah Thomas, Ted Williams and Wayne Gretzky’s coaching careers.  There are a lot of theories about why great players are rarely good coaches.  In my opinion, teaching others and motivating others to perform is a completely different skill compared to performing yourself.  At the very least, it is no guarantee that if you are successful in network marketing you can help others to be successful.

You can Only get so far on Your own

You can’t be successful in network marketing on your effort alone.  Having a team is a requirement to be successful.  You may just not have been in the business long enough to build a team to help you reach the success level you want.  That’s like asking a kindergartener to pass the bar exam to become an attorney.  One of the ingredients of success is time.  So why would you beat yourself up if you haven’t had enough time to be successful?

Network Marketing Systems are the Same for Everyone

You can teach others to be successful network marketers because much of the work is done for you.  Your company likely has a specific step-by-step marketing system to follow on how to be successful.  You can also get tips to be more successful on this blog.  You might feel you need to be successful first so you can have “credibility”.  You just don’t need to be successful to have credibility.  You can get credibility through other people’s success.  You have many success stories of people in your up-line that you can say you are learning from.  Network marketing success principles are not secret and they work for anyone who applies them.

Network Marketing May be Your “Calling”

The reason you may not have been successful to this point in life is because you were in the wrong career.  If you tried to be an attorney but you really love working with your hands you probably wouldn’t be successful.  If you have gone from job to job or you have had a few failed businesses all that proves is that you haven’t been successful yet.  The average business owner is successful on their 4th business.  Sometimes it just takes time to find your “calling”.  Nobody can be great at everything.

It’s all in Your Head

What is the REAL reason you say you must be successful before helping others?  It’s all in your head.  You may really be giving yourself an excuse to keep yourself safe.  If you try to build your business you might not succeed.  If you don’t give it your best effort you will always have an excuse (you will call it a reason) why you weren’t successful.  Nobody will believe that excuse and neither will you.  Stop focusing on what you will look like to other people or how you feel about yourself.  Focus only on serving other people.  Go help your team and yourself become successful.

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5 Secrets to Get Past the Question “Is This Network Marketing?”

“Is this network marketing?” is the most common objection in network marketing.  Most network marketer distributors fear this question.  This fear is so powerful that many stop growing their businesses.  Most network marketing trainers will make you buy their program to learn how to handle this objection.  That’s not how I roll!  I’m going to give you 5 secrets right now to get past “Is this Network Marketing?”

Why does your prospect ask “Is this network marketing?”   Usually they ask because your prospect or a family member had a bad experience with a home based business opportunity in the past.  Usually, it was such a painful experience they never want to go through it again!  We will discuss how to handle this in a moment.

What if Your Business is not Traditional Network Marketing?

Even if you’re home based business opportunity is technically not a network marketing business, in the mind of your prospect it is.  Do you recruit people from your network and earn an override on their sales and marketing? Do you receive any kind of compensation on the effort of your recruits?  If so, in your prospects mind that is network marketing.  Don’t argue with your prospect or in their mind you will just confirm their suspicions.

What if They Say “Is this Network Marketing?”

No matter what, do not try to avoid the question.  Remember the old saying “Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing?”  If you avoid the question you will just confirm their suspicion that your home based business opportunity is a scam.  Don’t do what the Titanic did. Do not try to avoid the iceberg or your business will end up on the bottom of the ocean.  You must handle the question directly if you have any chance of continuing the conversation with your prospect.

  1. You could simply say “Yes it is. Do you know anything about network marketing?”  This starts a conversation where your prospect will tell you why they believe what they believe about home based business opportunities.  That gives you a chance to find out what they are really concerned about and solve that concern.
  2. You can say oh you have a story! (smile!) Please tell me what happened!   Your prospect will share why they believe they were not successful.  They usually will say it was the company or their up line or some other excuse even they don’t really believe.  They almost always admit somewhere their responsibility in the home based business opportunity not working out.  There are a lot of ways you can influence your prospect when they admit to themselves that they didn’t give their best to make the business successful. Be sure to really listen to their experience and share why that experience won’t happen again with you.  Be sure you follow through on what you tell your prospect when they come on board your team.  If you don’t follow through, they will just feel lied to again.
  3. The core concern of almost all your prospects deep down is the same.  They are afraid that they don’t have what it takes to be successful in any business at all.  Here is the next step to handle this concern.  If your prospect is married I would ask them Are you married to the first person you ever dated?  The answer is almost always no so I ask them why didn’t you just stop dating?  I listen to their answer.  Then I respond The average business owner is successful on their 4th business.  That means they fail 3 times before they are successful.  Never having another business because the first one didn’t work is ridiculous. Just like never dating again after your first date doesn’t work out is ridiculous.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Now you will have changed your prospect’s entire view of their bad experience.  You now have a chance to find out what they want and show them how you can help them get it.
  4. Here is another good answer to “is this network marketing?”  You ask themAre you familiar with how the real estate business works? They usually answer yes.  Then you say Good, you have the Broker and they have Agents under them and the Broker earns an override on the business of the agents, etc.  This business is like that.  Would you like me to share with you how it works?
  5. Here is an easy to remember response if you feel comfortable with it.  Your prospect is not going to expect you to say this.  YES!  Network marketing is the fastest, easiest way for the average person in America to create a residual income. Let me share with you why I’m so excited about my home based business opportunity!  This response is good if you are an enthusiastic person with a strong personality.  You cannot hesitate with this response.  You have to be certain and powerful.  It is not for every personality but for some it works like a charm. Your prospect is expecting you to try to avoid the question, not to enjoy it.

Be A Prepared Professional

Remember your prospect will never have taken the time to decide what they will say to you before you talk with them about your business.  They just react to what you say.  This is your chance to be prepared for how to handle this question and show that network marketers can be true professionals.  Share this information with your team to make a difference for them as well.

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5 Steps to Close Your Network Marketing Recruiting Guests

Your network marketing recruiting probably isn’t going as well as you would like.  You have guests show up at your weekly business opportunity meeting.  Then they either leave right after the meeting is over or they tell you they need to “think about it”.  Next you call them and leave them messages and they don’t return your calls.   You go through a lot of effort to get them to show up at your business opportunity meeting but how do you close your network marketing recruiting guests?

Network Marketing Recruiting:  Don’t Try to Get Them to Come For YOU!

One reason why your guests may not be becoming recruits is because they are not going to sign up for just for YOU.  If you are marketing to your network to get recruits by saying “come down and look at my new business and tell me what you think of it”, then you are trying to get them to come for YOU.  They will feel like you tried to trick them into listening to a sales presentation and that makes your friendship change because it breaks the rules of friendship.

Know What to Expect and Prepare in Advance

Turn your recruiting guests into new team members by having them show up at your meeting because they want the benefits of coming. Favors are great for things like watering your plants or checking your mail.   When it comes to business or money don’t try to get them to come to do you a “favor”.
Here are 5 steps to turn your guest into a new recruit.

  1. Find out what they want in life.  What is their pain?  What is the pleasure they are seeking?
  2. Share with them the benefits to them of coming to the meeting.  What will they get out of it?  How will the information help them solve their pain or find the pleasure they are seeking?
  3. Pick them up and take them to the meeting.   If you don’t feel safe picking them up then bring someone else with you you will feel safe around.
  4. Arrange in ADVANCE to sit down with them after the meeting.  You need to make sure you talk with them before they leave.
  5. Be prepared with answers for the most common objections they will use to avoid making a decision.  They will say “I need to talk with my spouse”, “ I don’t have the time”, etc.  You already know they will say these things so prepare in advance what you will say in response.

By doing this you are far more likely to turn guests into new network marketing recruits the night of the meeting.   You will also save yourself a lot of energy following up with them by getting a decision on the spot.

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