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How “Chasing Chickens” Can Help You Succeed at Network Marketing

There is one very common mistake I see made in network marketing almost every day.  I’m sure you see it in your company.  Lots and lots of network marketers are passionate people.  I think this is a very good thing

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3 Secrets to Prevent Your Network Marketing Recruit From Quitting

Your network marketing downline grew very fast when you first started your home based business because you did what your leaders told you to do.  You were so excited because you thought that your dream of quitting your job and

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How to Keep Your Network Marketing Team From Taking Over Your Life

You need your network marketing downline to be productive in order to hit your long term goals for your home based business.  You invested a lot of time recruiting them.  Now it seems like spend all your time trying to

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The Lie Network Marketing Leaders Say That Can Kill Your Business

Have your network marketing leaders told you “it’s NOT selling, it’s sharing”, “Your friends and family would rather buy from you than give the money to some huge faceless corporation” or “This product is so good, it sells itself!”?   Does

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Can You Help Your Network Marketing Team Succeed if You Haven’t?

Do you have to be successful in network marketing to teach others how to be successful?   Network marketers tell me regularly they aren’t building their team because they feel they have to be successful first before teaching others to be

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5 Secrets to Get Past the Question “Is This Network Marketing?”

“Is this network marketing?” is the most common objection in network marketing.  Most network marketer distributors fear this question.  This fear is so powerful that many stop growing their businesses.  Most network marketing trainers will make you buy their program

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5 Steps to Close Your Network Marketing Recruiting Guests

Your network marketing recruiting probably isn’t going as well as you would like.  You have guests show up at your weekly business opportunity meeting.  Then they either leave right after the meeting is over or they tell you they need

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