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avatarSince I started working with you, I have doubled my monthly bank deposits and last month, it tripled!

Woo hoo!

Thank you Kris

Julianne Koritz
avatarKristoffer Thompson has been a great influence in the success of my business. After spending six months with Kris, I changed the way I do business. As a result, I doubled my income. He is a proactive coach who enables others to see their potential. Kristoffer is the best coach!

Sylvia Tatarek
I recently had my 30 minute coaching call with Kris. I told him I planned to resign and wanted to use sales scripting in the process to secure consulting work and extend my income stream. He worked with me to craft the structure of my "irresistible offer".

My meeting was a great success. When I asked my boss how he felt about moving forward with my proposal, his exact words were, "Think about it? I embrace it!" (As he said this, he hugged my proposal to his chest!).

I secured up to 50 hours of consulting work per month. Here's the really exciting part: I achieved what I set out to with the aid of sales scripting!

Thank you Kris!

Shelly Southall
avatarDear Kris,

Through your personal coaching, this has been a great year.

Thank you for really listening to my needs and making my dream possible, to leave my credit union job and it’s long hour days behind.

The coaching and training material you provided are invaluable to my success, especially information on scripting, overcoming objections and planning.

For three years, I Tried to make it as a mortgage loan consultant and Realtor, but was very lost and frustrated. I did not have any tools and tracks to go by. Ever since I connected with you  I have been more focused, accomplishing goals and confident due to the tools and simplified systems you have provided.

You know I have raved about you! I am forever grateful for all your help this year. You also know that I have recommended you to several people and I will definitely continue to do so! I look forward to working with you in the years to come! Kris, you ROCK!

Warmly, A Raving Fan For Life!

Zenaida Roy-Almario
Be Real And Great Now
I have worked with Kris Thompson for almost a year now. Having an accountability partner has made me do things I would not otherwise have done just because I told Kris I was going to do it.

He has been a wonderful person to bounce ideas off of as well as offering suggestions that I had not otherwise thought of. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you focus on something and there is no better way to focus on something than to have a coach.

I made $10,000 more in the month of November this year, than I made in November last year and I can attribute that 100% to the concepts that I have learned this year and then been reinforced by my regular phone calls with Kris.

He has a mastery of distinctions that are the difference between success and failure. Do yourself a favor and tap into what he knows and then take action on those concepts. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

Belinda Rachman
Prior to working with Kris, I had resisted writing down my goals. I did not understand the purpose of goal setting and was afraid of writing down things I might not achieve.

Kris gave me a wonderful distinction about goals and I am happy to say that I have written my goals, both short term and long term, and I have sent them to my upline.

I've also started a goals calendar that I have posted on my bulletin board in front of me.

Because of Kris, I have written goals that I look at every day, and I will reach them all. Also, Kris is genuinely excited when I do well and is invested in my success.

It's nice to have such great support as I make my way to the top of my direct selling company.

Bonnie Covel

First and foremost, thank you for your continued excellent work  you have been a great asset to me this past year.

My business is in Financial Services. With all the demands of this industry with my time and attention, I’ve been able to stay in the game and achieve measurable results. I could not have done so without your help.

You have helped me in many ways; first you have kept me on-track of what I said I was going to do and my commitment to accomplishing those promises. There has been many times where I felt so challenged on certain obstacle, and you have been able to pull my mind-off of what is draining my mental game and gave me some tools to be able to get back on the right path.

Secondly, in giving me the tools I’ve been able to really describe what my WHY’s and create measurable goals that I can truly be passionate about. I know that I can attain them.

Lastly, I obviously value our coaching relationship that I signed-up to continue with you in the future. I look forward to achieving what you’ve been able to help me with.

I will highly recommend you to my network of people and I’ve plan to have you come and present to my networking group.

Genie Short
I appreciate your coaching ability a great deal. In the last year my business has increased 99.4% over last year at this same time.

The counseling allowed me to take this material & break it down into manageable pieces and then follow the progress with monthly calls that are accountable to my goals.

You have always been courteous with time and offered some manageable options. I have found your counseling style to be very individualized with where I am at the moment and very encouraging during difficult growth times.

I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you.

Anne Wertz
This was not my first time working with a coach; off and on for the prior 10 years I found good coaches. Further, I myself have been a business coach.

However this was a particularly difficult time as I was in a drama loop at work, felt trapped, obligated, could see not way out and I was operating from financial scarcity. I was angry, frustrated and felt a victim to the situation.

What is unique about Kris, was his unwavering patience, his outstanding listening skills and ability to set up goals and habits to support me moving forward no matter what the emotional stuck state I was experiencing.

I know that my game plan for the year just would not have been done without Kris' coaching.

For those of you that like results.... from that experience, I left the drama filled, stress ridden job ( which took literally 6 people to do what I was doing) and have moved back home to Hawaii, working with another company and just got my second promotion.

I do credit the work I did with Kris as instrumental in my moving forward, I did the movement, he as a great coach held me in my excellence and supported me where I could go. That is unique as a coach, because I grilled him and it took longer than normal for me to get to a trust level because I could not afford to waste my money. His skills as a coach are excellent and I highly recommend him.

Kat Mierswa
Hey Kris:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your dedication and devotion to my goals and aspirations.

The enthusiasm and personal attention that you give to keeps me on track and has made all the difference in my business and my personal life. Your willingness to go above and beyond the call, your promptness and professionalism are unparalled.

I will recommend you to all my friends and associates as working with you is something that any one interested in improved sales will certainly benefit from.

Joe Amendola

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